AZBio’s Commitment

The Arizona Bioscience Industry is on the move and making great strides forward in discovering and delivering solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges:

  • Diagnosing and treating disease
  • Sustaining and Improving the quality of life with innovative medical devices
  • Developing new sources of green energy
  • Pioneering new science to feed the world
  • Creating solutions that are both sustainable AND affordable.

As Arizona’s statewide industry Association, AZBio is committed to working with our members across Arizona to support our industry as together we move forward faster.

We are committed to building the biosciences industry in Arizona by providing access to the key resources, connections and information in our biosciences community. This provides the foundation to be able to Connect, Collaborate, Innovate and Succeed; thus supporting the growth of a thriving economic environment for Arizona’s Bioscience Industry today and in the future.

AZBio is the State Affiliate of the  Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) located in Washington, D.C. and is acknowledged as such by the international bioscience organization, BIO. We work very closely with BIO on national issues and opportunities to bring Arizona and the members of our Arizona Bioscience Community to the national and international stage.  We also work with AdvaMed, PhRMA and other national and international organizations to move our Arizona Bioscience Industry forward faster.

A team effort is required to support and grow Arizona’s entire bioscience industry, including all the individuals, institutions and companies that comprise it, into a greater position of national and international leadership and prominence.   Working together, our bioscience industry has made great progress toward attaining this goal in recent years and AZBio is convinced we can accomplish much more in the years to come.   Arizona’s achievements in bioscience are a source of genuine pride for our state.  If you have not yet had an opportunity to view the most recent Bioscience Road Map Report, we encourage you to do so.  (To view the report on the Flinn Foundation website click here.)

AZBio delivers on its commitment by providing:

  • Connections across Arizona’s growing bioscience, medical device and bio agricultural communities throughout the State
  • Connections to Venture Capital and Angel Resources as well as discounts at key investment conferences nationwide
  • A Unified Voice advocating locally and nationally on key issues that affect our industry and the opportunity to Fly In to Washington DC as part of an industry wide coalition to meet with our legislators
  • Advocacy led by our Government Affairs  Committee
  • A showcase for your company via, AZBio Signature Events, AZBio Partner Events and AZBio Media Relationships as well as national conferences including the BIO International Convention and the The MedTech Conference
  • Educational Events and statewide Awards
  • Executive Leadership Discussions on local and national issues
  • Discounts and Savings on the products and services your business needs via BIO Business Solutions
  • Weekly communications so you stay In the Loop on what is happening across our industry
  • Relationships and affiliations with BIO, AdvaMed, and PhRMA
  • Collaboration with bioscience organizations across the United States as part of our active participation in the Council of State Bioscience Associations

Our efforts extend throughout Arizona and well beyond the borders of our State.  AZBio will continue to actively support the members of our Arizona Bioscience Community from North to South and from East to West.  We look forward to working in partnership with all individuals, companies and organizations that share the goal of continued expansion of our industry within Arizona.  To find a broad selection of AZBio and AZBio partner events and opportunities to get connected, visit

It has been said that “Arizona’s collaborative gene” is a secret to our success.  When we all work together, we can and we will achieve great things!