Breakthrough study uses genetic testing to evaluate risk of heart disease

(PHOENIX, Ariz. – Feb. 17, 2022) –Dignity Health in Arizona is launching the first research study  in North America in which genetic testing is used to identify men and women at risk of developing  heart disease based on the makeup of their DNA. If proven effective in clinical trials, this form of genetic testing may be adopted globally to prevent heart disease. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the world – in fact, half of Americans are expected to have at least one cardiac event in their lifetime. Continue reading

What Drives the Creation and Delivery of Cures and What Doesn’t

AZBio President & CEO, Joan Koerber-Walker,  shared insights with Duane Schulthess, Managing Director of Vital Transformation on the the Vital Health Podcast.  The popular podcast series has a global reach and features relaxed, one on one discussion with health care professionals, researchers, and regulators. Topics explore the implications of new medical procedures, technologies and policies as well as  their impact on current clinical practices.

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A Path for Hope: Startup pursues first regenerative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

“Starting up NeuTherapeutics is so exciting because we are creating the path to bring the first regenerative therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease to those who need it. We believe that treatment with allo will restore brain function and independence for patients,” says Dr. Roberta Brinton, a Regents Professor of pharmacology and neurology and a member of the BIO5 Institute. 

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