Prasiddhi Gyawali

An R-Shiny app for trait data processing

Presented by Prasiddhi Gyawali, Sonoran Science Academy - Tucson

The Functional Trait Resource for Environmental Studies (FuTRES) project works with vertebrate trait data from individuals intending to make data more accessible and interoperable. Since data are collected by different people using different methods, it can be hard for everyone to understand exactly what the data mean. To solve this problem, FuTRES works to write programs that can be used to easily standardize datasets. Standardization is done by getting the data from the CyVerse Discovery Environment and transferring them into RStudio where functions are applied. Code is written for a specific dataset then generalized so that it functions with other datasets. Code can always be extended or further generalized to fit another need. An R-Shiny app contains the code, providing a user-friendly interface.