Tucker Stuart

Biosymbiotic, Personalized and Digitally Manufactured Wireless Devices for Indefinite Collection of High-Fidelity Biosignals.

Tucker Stuart, University of Arizona, Graduate Student

Digital medicine, the ability to measure heath status precisely and continuously, is pivotal for the next generation of devices aimed at disease diagnosis, management, and treatment. Current digital devices are not suitable for long-term continuous data acquisition due to their use of limited power supplies and subsequent increase in mass, resulting in patient discomfort and poor sensing interfaces. To address this, we have developed a soft, mesh-structured wearable device that relies on far-field power transfer and ultra-soft, ultra-thin electronics systems to deliver a wireless and battery-free platform capable of operating at long distances and delivering uninterrupted, high-fidelity data streams. These systems are digitally manufactured and customizable to meet the individual needs of the patient with demonstrations of novel sensing solutions for varying disease paradigms.

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