AZBio Legislative Watch List – 2020

AZBio Legislative Watch List for 2020

As Arizona’s Statewide Bioscience Industry Association, AZBio works with our elected leaders to educate and inform on the key issues that will help to make Arizona a Top-Tier Bioscience State and works across our community to support our members, our industry, our healthcare partners, and patient advocacy organizations.

Each year, AZBio publishes its Policy Initiatives as approved by the AZBio Board of Directors.

Click the link to view the AZBio Government Affairs Policy for 2020

AZBio is supported at the State Capitol by our contract lobbyists at Dorn Policy Group

Legislative Deadlines:

January 2020

  • Monday 1/13  – Session Begins
  • Thursday 1/16 – House 7-bill Introduction Limit Begins at 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday 1/21* – Senate Bill Request Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Monday 1/27 – Senate Bill Intro Set Preparation Deadline (5:00 p.m.)


  • Monday 2/3 – Senate Bill Introduction Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Friday 2/7**  – House Bill Request Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Monday 2/10 – House Bill Introduction Deadline (5:00 p.m.)
  • Friday 2/21 – Last Day to Hear SBs in Senate Committees / Last Day to Hear HBs in House Committees

MARCH 2020

  • Friday 3/27 Last Day to Hear SBs in House Committees / Last Day to Hear HBs in Senate Committees

APRIL 2020

  • Saturday 4/18 Last Day for Conference Committees (By Senate and House Rule)
  • Tuesday 4/21 100th Day of Session

* 1/20/20 Martin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights Day ** Extended by the Speaker pursuant to Legislative Council Rule 28

Saturday, April 25, 2020 – Adjournment sine die – regular sessions shall be adjourned sine die no later than the Saturday of the week in which the 100th day (April 21) of session falls. (The Speaker and the President may extend the session for a period not to exceed seven additional days. Thereafter, the session can be extended only by a majority vote of the Members.

Active Bills at the  54th Legislature – 2nd Regular Session (2020)

The list below highlights bills that pertain to our areas of focus.   As these bills progress, our positions to support, monitor, or oppose will be added.  All AZBio Members have the option to add bills to the Watch List.  To do so, email AZBio.

This list will be updated as new bills are introduced.

House Bills

HCR2013 consumer data; privacy; federal standard – SUPPORT

House: TECH 2/19 DP 6-0-0-0

HCR2031 education; TPT; use tax – SUPPORT


HB2002 student apprenticeship program; tax credits – SUPPORT

House: Assigned WM + Rules 

HB2019 CTEDs; nonprofits; postsecondary institutions; agreements – SUPPORT

House: ED 2/10 DP 10-0-0-0-3 +Rules 

HB2020 ABOR; tuition; actual cost; deduction


HB2050 schools; immunizations; parental control – OPPOSED

House: Assigned ED+HHS+Rules

HB2071 Lyme disease treatment


HB2072 mental health professionals; loan repayment – SUPPORT

House: APPROP 2/12 DPA/SE 9-1-0-1 + Rules 

HB2083 electronic smoking devices; restrictions; use – SUPPORT


HB2091 indoor tanning; minors; restricted use – SUPPORT

House: Assigned HHS + Rules 

HB2152 appropriation; STEM; learning; workforce development – SUPPORT

House: COM 2/4 9-0-0 + APPROP 2/12 DPA 10-0-0-1 + Rules 2/17 C&P 8-0-0-0

HB2254 Lyme; vector-borne diseases; treatment.

House: HHS 2/6 – DP 5-4-0 + Rules 2/17 C&P 8-0-0-0

HB2269 donated medicine; requirements – Support

House: HHS 1/30 – DPA 9-0-0 +RA 2/10 6-0-1 +Rules 2/17 C&P 8-0-0-0

HB2409 small business investment credit; extension – SUPPORT

House: WM 2/12 DP 7-3-0-0 + Rules 

HB2420 insurance; prescription drugs; step therapy – SUPPORT

House: HHS 2/6 9-0-0 + Rules 2/17 Held

HB2426 medical services; purchase; study committee


HB2429 schools; immunizations; registered nurses; posting – SUPPORT


HB2432 newborn screenings; report – SUPPORT


HB2486 immunizations; requirements; exemption – OPPOSE

House: Assigned HHS + Rules 

HB2489 CTEDs; nonprofits; postsecondary institutions; agreements. – SUPPORT

House: Assigned ED+Rules  

HB2532 prior authorization; uniform request form – SUPPORT

House: HHS 1/30 9-0-0 + Rules 2/10 C&P 8-0-0-0

HB2536 telemedicine; health care providers – SUPPORT

House: HHS 2/13 DPA 8-0-1-0+Rules 

HB2629 TPT; exemption; pacemakers

House: WM 2/5 8-0-1 + Rules 2/10 C&P 8-0-0-0

HB2667 appropriation; Washington D.C. internships – SUPPORT

House: APPROP 2/19 HELD + Rules 

HB2668 hospitals; unreimbursed costs; assessment; fund – SUPPORT

House: HHS 2/13 DP 9-0-0-0 +Rules 

HB2707 conversion therapy; prohibition; sexual orientation – SUPPORT


HB2728 biometric identifiers; commercial purpose; consent

House: TECH 2/12 DPA 4-1-2-0+Rules 2/17 HELD

HB2729 personal data; processing; security standards – OPPOSE

House:  TECH 2/19 DP 5-1-1-0 + Rules 

HB2741 – CTEDs; fourth-year funding – SUPPORT

House: ED 2/10 DPA 12-0-0-1 +APPROPS 2/19 DPA 10-0-1-0 + Rules 

HB2742 use tax; TPT; education – SUPPORT


HB2764 mental health omnibus. – SUPPORT

House: HHS  Scheduled 2/20 + APPROP  + Rules

Senate Bills

SB1057 Lyme; vector-borne diseases; treatment

Senate: HHS 1/22 DPA 8-0-0 + Rules 1/27 PFC 

SCR1002 education; TPT; use tax – SUPPORT

Senate: ED 1/28 DPA 5-3-1 + Rules 

SB1059   TPT; use tax; education – SUPPORT

Senate: ED 1/28 DPA 5-3-1-0 +APPROP 2/6 W/D + Rules 

SCR1019 cancer screen week 2020 – SUPPORT

Senate: HHS 1/12 8-0-0-0 +Rules 

SB1152 medical student loan program – SUPPORT

Senate: HEWD 2/10 DP 7-0-0- + Rules 

SB1166 appropriation; STEM internships – SUPPORT

Senate: HEWD 2/3 DPA 7-0-0 + APPROPS + Rules 

SB1267 schools; immunization rate; website posting – SUPPORT

Senate: Assigned ED + Rules 

SB1334  pharmacists; vaccines – SUPPORT

Senate: HHS 2/20 Scheduled+ Rules 

SB1387 prescription drugs; upper-payment limit – OPPOSE

Senate: Assigned HHS + Rules 

SB1403 fourth-year funding; CTEDs – SUPPORT

Senate: APPROP 2/11 DP 8-0-1-0 + Rules 

SB1413 insulin drugs; cost sharing limit.

Senate: Assigned FIN + Rules

SB1439 breast implant surgery; informed consent

Senate:  HHS DP 2/19 + Rules

SB1469  billing limits; health care providers

Senate: Assigned FIN + Rules 

SB1523  mental health omnibus

Senate:  HHS DPA 2/19 9-0-0-0 + APPROP + Rules 

SB1549 prescription drugs; diabetes; reports  – OPPOSE

Senate: Assigned FIN + Rules 

SB1571 newborn screening program; fee – SUPPORT

Senate:  HHS DP 9-0-0-0 + Rules 

SB1599 health care insurance; requirements

Senate: Assigned FIN + Rules

SB1563 adult immunizations; reporting system – SUPPORT

Senate: Assigned HHS + Rules

SB1599 health care insurance; requirements – SUPPORT

Senate: Assigned FIN + Rules 

SB1600 prescription drugs; importation program – OPPOSE

Senate: Assigned COM + Rules 

SB1601 insulin drugs; cost sharing limit

Senate: Assigned COM + Rules 

SB1602 health insurance; surprise out-of-network bills

Senate: Assigned FIN + Rules

SB1614 consumer data; privacy

Senate: Assigned COM + Rules 

Bills that did not progress 

Bills must be heard in the originating chamber by February 21, 2020 and in the second chamber by March 27, 2020.  Additional time is given to appropriations bills and for rules.