Capitol Dome 2015

AZBio is the unified voice of Arizona’s bioscience industry – at the national, statewide and local level.

Advocacy is a key responsibility of any industry association. The AZBio Public Policy Guide for 2019-2020 provides a framework for the key concepts and initiatives that we, as AZBio, believe are critical to the growth of the bioscience industry in Arizona and nationally.

View the AZBio Public Policy Guide for 2024.

Visit the AZBio Legislative Watch List 

AZBio is represented at the Arizona State Capitol by the Dorn Policy Group.

Dorn Policy Group, Inc is a leading professional public affairs firm serving Arizona and the Western United States. DPG team members provide strategic counsel and issue management.  They also sign on behalf of  AZBio on key measures affecting our industry as our contract lobbyist.

At the national level, AZBio often works in partnership with BIO, AdvaMed, and PhRMA.

Using this policy, our AZBio Team, Leadership, and Government Affairs Committee works with our Members, Elected Officials, Agencies, and the Public to:

  • MONITOR the government related activity in our communities, state, and nation,
  • EDUCATE our communities and membership as well as our elected representatives and public officials on initiatives and activities that promote a working partnership and support the growth of a vibrant biosciences industry to the benefit of everyone in our state.
  • INFORM our members about existing government programs, laws and regulations as well as new legislation or regulation that is being proposed so that they can make informed decisions and take actions that they determine best fit based on the needs of their business, their employees and their community.

Grass Roots Advocacy

Connecting our AZBio  community to our Federal and State Legislators fosters a better understanding on both sides as to what we can do together to continue to build a vibrant bioscience industry here in Arizona.  AZBio supports this process with:

  • Informational events
  • Member Open Houses
  • Fly-ins to Washington, D.C.
  • AZBio Trailblazer Awards and Legislative Appreciation Luncheon