Request to Speak Instructions

Instructions for Request to Speak at the Arizona State Legislature

First and foremost, you need to register for a username and password.  This is done down at the Capitol at one of the kiosks, positioned outside the hearing rooms.  (You only have to do this one time.)

Once you have obtained your username and password, you can go online to to sign in for your position.

On the left side of the website is a General Information tab and click on Request to Speak.   On the Request to Speak page, you will see where you can enter in your username and password.  Enter your information.

After you enter in your information, you can click on either House of Representatives or Senate.  This will depend on where the bill is being heard.

The next screen will list the House/Senate agendas.  You can either enter the bill number or search via committee.  Once you click the committee, another page will come up that lists all the bills being heard in that particular committee.  You should see the bill you want to register for.  Click on the circle to the left of the bill number and click on choose bill.

Here you can enter your information including who you represent, your stance on the bill, comments (optional) and if you would like to speak at committee.

Submit the information.  It does take a minute to two to get your information.  Once it’s good, you will see a number in parenthesis next to Review Requests.