Request to Speak Instructions

Arizona’s Request to Speak System provides people with the opportunity to participate in the legislative process. This educational video provides an overview of how individuals can use the RTS system.


Instructions for the Request to Speak Program at the Arizona State Legislature

RTS is great way to share your opinion on legislative bills with all 90 Arizona Legislators in person, from your home or from your office.  

First and foremost, you need to register for a username and password. 

Here’s how to set up a new account:

Go to

1.         Click “Create An Account;”

2.         Input your information in the required fields;

3.         Submit to create your account;

4.         Save your sign in information for future reference;

5.         Verify your account in person at the Arizona State Capitol. This is done at the Capitol at one of the kiosks positioned outside the hearing rooms or at the Secretary of State’s office in Tucson.  (You only have to do this one time.) For additional assistance, contact AZBio.

AZBio team members are happy to help employees of AZBio Member Companies with this process. Contact us for assistance.

Your Opinion Matters

Each legislative session hundreds of bills are introduced in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.  These bills may then be assigned to be considered in legislative committees where they are heard and discussed. 

Members of the public can attend these sessions and also request to speak in committee by signing in via the RTS System.  Even if you cannot be there in person, once you have an active RTS account, you can sign on show your support or opposition to a bill  and leave a comment from your desktop. 

The AZBio Legislative Watch List

As Arizona’s Statewide Bioscience Industry Association, AZBio works with our elected leaders to educate and inform on the key issues that will help to make Arizona a Top-Ten Bioscience State and works across our community to support our members, our industry, our healthcare partners, and patient advocacy organizations.

Each year, AZBio publishes its Policy Initiatives as approved by the AZBio Board of Directors.  

During legislative session, the AZBio team reads every bill that is published and then adds bills that may be of interest to AZBio Members to a watch list that is found under the Advocacy tab at  This provides a shortcut for AZBio members who may not have time to read hundreds of bills.  The current AZBio Watch List can be found under the ADVOCACY tab at

Once you have obtained your username and password, you can sign in at the Capitol OR go online to to sign in for your position on a bill that has been scheduled to be heard in committee.

If you wish to sign in to support or oppose a bill that has been posted but is not currently scheduled in committee, you can do so, after signing in, at

For detailed instructions, Click Here

Need help?  Contact AZBio to schedule a call and we can walk you through the process.