Patients are the reason we do what we do.

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In our health innovation community, patients are the reason we do what we do.

Join us for a conversation on life science innovation from the patient perspective.

Opening & Welcome:  Joan Koerber Walker, AZBio;  Gabrielle Finley-Hazle, Dignity Health

Life Experience Spotlights: Rob Survick - Anni Foster - Andrea Tyler Evans - Lena Spotleson

My Acute Disease Became Chronic: David Larwood, Matthew Nelson, Dylan Peay

An Opportunity for All of Us:  Joan Koerber-Walker

Navigating the Healthcare System from the Patient Perspective - Francine Hardaway (Moderator), Chris Walker, Lena Spotleson, Taylor Hoffman

Life Experience Spotlight: Jack & Barbara Kavanagh

Advocacy Matters  Joan Koerber-Walker (Moderator) hosts a conversation with Arizona Legislative Bioscience & Healthcare Caucus Co-Chairs, Representative Daniel Hernandez and Representative Justin Wilmeth.

Voice of the Patient 2021

Helping Patients Heal: Mary's Story

A patient’s experience: Ms. Mary Nametka, MSN,DNP(c),CWS,CWON,CFCS,ME, FNP-BC.

Mary is an advanced practice nurse and patient who needed carpal tunnel surgery.  She shares her experience  with Provant Therapy from Regenesis Biomedical and how it helped her recover after surgery.  

Cancer Genomic Testing: Jennifer's Story

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is a method of cancer genomic testing used to reveal a cancer tumour’s unique “fingerprint” – in other words, the unique set of mutations within the cancer’s DNA which determine how the tumour behaves and grows. Here, Jennifer Cole and her oncologist, Dr Jeffrey Rothenstein, discuss how the insights from CGP helped guide Jennifer’s treatment plan and enabled them to find a therapy personalised to her tumour’s unique genomic profile. To learn more visit

Living with SMA: Madi's Story

Madison "Madi" Wolff was a typical developing baby until about 10 months old when she was unable to crawl, sit up and bear weight on her legs. Her parents got concerned by month 15 and took her to the doctor. After numerous tests were negative, Madi was  diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA)  Type 2 just before her 2nd birthday.

SMA is a genetic neuromuscular disease that doesn’t allow the nerve cells to innervate the muscles causing them to be weaker than usual. SMA is the #1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2 with Type 1 being the most severe. In 2021, the Arizona legislature expanded the state's Newborn Screening program. Babies in Arizona will soon be screened for SMA shortly after birth providing for earlier intervention and better outcomes. 

Living with Memory Impairment: Burt's Story

Despite memory concerns, hiker reaches new heights on the Arizona Trail

The famed Arizona Trail is 800 miles of desert, canyons, valleys and vistas that dissects the state north and south and is a test of true grit. For his journey on the demanding trail, 71-year old Burke, who was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, discovered that positive attitude was his best compass. (Learn more at

Finally, relief from a rare condition: Ellen's Story

Ellen Whitebird - After 24 years, Ellen finds relief from trigeminal neuralgia pain

For more than 20 years, the devastating daily pain of trigeminal neuralgia controlled Ellen Whitebird, depriving her of the joys in life and forcing her to become withdrawn. But with surgery at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Ellen overcame the disease and is taking back control of her life.”  (Learn more at