Our Vision

To Make Arizona a Top-Tier Bioscience State.  We work with our Members to do just that.

Our Mission

To serve our Members, both as organizations and as individuals, by providing access to the key resources, connections, and information that support their ability to Connect, Collaborate, Innovate and Succeed thus supporting the growth of a thriving economic ecosystem for Arizona’s Bioscience Industry.

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This category applies to organizations whose activity substantially involves research, development or manufacture of… Biologically active molecules and materials, Devices that employ or affect biological processes, Biological information resources; Devices that monitor, characterize or identify biological materials, properties or characteristics; or Software designed specifically for biological applications. This category of membership also includes consulting firms offering specialized bioscience expertise, e.g., regulatory affairs or GLP/GMP.

Associate Members

This category applies to all for-profit entities that do not meet the above definition of a Bioscience Company.

Institutional Members

This category applies to universities, colleges, research institutes, state/local government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Affiliate Members

This category applies to students who are not employed full-time and full-time teachers, and is non-voting.

Membership Dues

Number of EmployeesBioscience Company MembersAssociate
2 - 10$315$625$315N/A
11 - 50$625$1,250$625N/A
51 - 100$1,250$1,875$1,250N/A
101 - 200$2,500$3,125$1,250N/A

AZBio Membership dues are paid on an annual basis and renew each year in the month of the Member Anniversary date.

Support AZBio

Since its inception in 2003, AZBio has received generous support through sponsorships and grants from corporations and community partners. Now in its eighth year of operation, AZBio has aggressive goals to reach in delivering value to the bioindustry that is blossoming in our state.

To achieve these goals we must continue to garner community support in the form of grants, fee for service contracts, sponsorship, and active participation from our Members. The more resources AZBio earns and receives from committed partners, the more we can reinvest in our community through AZBio benefits and services.

At AZBio, we value our partners. You’ve told us how we can continue to improve and we are listening and acting on it. One of the things we have learned from you is that you want to help us succeed and that you need a return on your investment of financial support, affiliate programs and/or in-kind services.

Our new AZBio Support Levels are based on YOUR annual support of AZBio. We will work with your team to then craft the package of benefits that make sense for your company. In the bioscience community, we know that one size rarely fits all. Your Support Benefit Package can be tailored to what fits best for your organization. For more details be sure to contact us.

Support LevelAnnual Support Contributed (Cash or In Kind Products/Services)
Legacy$50,000 and Above
Chairman's Council$25,000 - $49,999
Leadership Level$10,000 - $24,999
Gold Level$5,000 - $9,999
Silver Level$2,500 - $ 9,999
Copper Level$1,000 - $ 2,499
Community PartnersNon Profit Organizations with an approved in kind agreement

Contact AZBio

To learn more about AZBio, our Members, the benefits of joining us at AZBio or to craft your customized portfolio of Support Benefits, contact us via email at or call us at 480-779-8101.