AZ Advances Talent – Internship Program

AZAdvances Talent™  is a statewide pilot program designed to develop the next generation of bioscience and healthcare leaders.


Would your company like a no-cost intern, while providing students the opportunity to obtain real-word experience within a life-science company?


Interns available include:

  • 9 – 10th grade
  • 11th _ 12th grade
  • Under Grads
  • Grad Students

The AZAdvances Talent Program includes a new program that will provide high school students access to paid internships in the life sciences and healthcare fields.   This program will provide more high school students the opportunity to obtain real-word experience within a company, help the students explore career paths, strengthen their educational applications, and build their resume.

The program is currently in development and is an expansion based on the success of OTEF’s  Student Discovery Zone program. To date, over 1,000 students from Arizona high schools and universities have connected with industry leaders and entrepreneurs to showcase their life science and healthcare research projects in the Student Discovery Zone at statewide bioscience and healthcare conferences. Feedback from our students, year after year, has included the need for more intern opportunities.

Arizona’s bioscience and healthcare sector is growing.  Developing local talent is a high priority. Unfortunately, many of our small businesses in the sector do not have the resources to develop and maintain quality internship programs. The AZAdvances Talent – Internship Program will address the needs of the students and the small businesses by providing a program that will manage the internship process, match the student interns with companies, and provide the support to both the students interns and the company mentors in preparing for the intern experience, and ensure that all interns are fairly compensated. We believe this will create a highly equitable educational experience and meet an unmet community need.

Details: AZAdvances Talent Interns will be hired by OTEF (at no cost to the company),  mentored by AZAdvances staff on how to make the most of their internship experience, and then placed with local life science companies in a structured program designed to optimize both the intern’s and the mentor’s experience.  By ensuring that all interns have access to paid positions, this program also addresses a significant equity barrier that many students face today.