Paradigm Diagnostics Announces $7M Series B Funding

Paradigm Diagnostics  announced the near completion of their $7M Series B financing, adding an additional $3M from New Sciences Ventures on top of the $3.5M led by Mesa Verde Venture Partners and other strategic partners at the end of 2016.  These resources will be directed towards further accelerating commercial adoption of their flagship Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic Test, PCDx, a comprehensive genomic profiling test and expanding the Paradigm cancer registry.Continue reading

Sentinels in the blood: a new diagnostic for pancreatic cancer

Despite enormous research strides, detection methods for many diseases remain cumbersome and expensive, and often uncover illness only at advanced stages, when patient outcomes can be bleak. One such illness is pancreatic cancer, which may display no obvious symptoms in its early stages, yet can develop aggressively. Indeed, according to the American Cancer Society, a staggering 80 percent of those stricken with this form of cancer die within 1 year of diagnosis.Continue reading