AZBio PEERS Mentoring Program

Goal-Focused, Team Based Mentoring for Arizona's Early Stage Life Science Ventures

Entrepreneurs matched with a team of highly experienced mentors (3-6 mentors).
Goal-dependent structured mentoring sessions ( monthly for 6 months).
AZBioPEERS Mentoring Cohorts begin in January & July of each year.

Mentor Expectations:

  • Provide 1 hour of mentoring each month (Zoom or in-person)
  • Submit quarterly feedback forms.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Listen, advise, suggest, troubleshoot, supply contacts, and be a role model.

Entrepreneur Expectations:

  • Serious about learning and making progress
  • Communicate regularly with Mentors
  • Prepared to carry out milestone-focused action items, submit agenda & materials for each meeting


Applications are now open for the January 2025 AZBioPEERS Mentoring Program.

Companies and Mentors are encouraged to contact AZBio to learn more!

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Applications close December 1, 2024!

What people are saying about AZBioPEERS Mentoring...

"The AZBIOPEERS mentoring program is an invaluable resource to Arizona and Arizona's life science companies. The program has started strong, providing tremendous value, having an immediate positive impact.....It is an honor to be part of the launch of AZBIOPEERS and I'm very enthusiastic about joining you for the 2nd cohort."  Dr. Guillermo A. Morales, PhD, MBA-- CEO, Innoventyx

AZBioPEERS Cohorts

January 2022  AZBioPEERS Mentoring Cohort

Avery Therapeutics

Avery Therapeutics, Inc. is a company dedicated to developing tissue engineered therapeutics to treat diseases and injuries to human muscle.

Infinitum Health

Infinitum Health was created to deliver high quality healthcare products bioengineered from natural origins to increase the overall health of the consumer.

Nixxi Health

Nixxi provides a modern approach to Maternal-Fetal Medicine, emphasizing convenience and individualized high-risk pregnancy care.


RxMapper is a personalized medication monitoring platform and telehealth consult practice that was developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. RxMapper is used by certified pharmacists to analyze the DNA sequencing results of patients and identify which drugs patients should and should not take based on their DNA, resulting in lower costs and better health outcomes.


VaxSyna is creating vaccines to address global health challenges by developing low cost of goods vaccines using its patented platform to improve vaccines and vaccine access.


Yektasonics has developed Ultrasound Power Modules & Phased Arrays for a wide range of medical and non-medical ultrasound applications.

July 2022 AZBioPEERS Mentoring Cohort


Cerebrum provides Intelligent Lab Workflow Software Solutions for Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Trial Research Labs


We are a healthcare software solutions and neuro-spectrum differentiation company that strives to increase diagnostic accuracy in epilepsy, standardize care and screening practices, and improve the quality of life for epilepsy patients.


Metfora’s innovative technology has the ability to detect serious and potentially fatal chronic diseases while they are still treatable, reducing patient mortality and improving quality of life.

Teleport Pharmaceuticals

Teleport Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to novel peptide-based drug design for future therapeutics. We are targeting neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, as well as AIDS related neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, autism, stroke and closed head injury. 


VaxSyna is creating vaccines to address global health challenges by developing low cost of goods vaccines using its patented platform to improve vaccines and vaccine access.