Matt Hutchings

National Sales Director, Leukemia & Transplant Team

Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Matt brings a depth of experience in sales and marketing leadership in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry.  He currently serves as the national sales director for the leukemia & transplant team at Jazz Pharmaceuticals.  In addition to sales leadership, he has worked in brand marketing, key opinion leader development, launch planning, sales training, and sales covering 17 different brands.  Matt has experienced multiple successful launches and a few really challenging, less-than-successful launches.  He’s learned from both but learned far more from the less-than-successful launches.  Matt has deep expertise pediatric oncology, leukemia and blood and marrow transplant.  He has also worked in critical care, infectious disease, cardiology, psychiatry, women’s health, and primary care.  He started his career in sales at Eli Lilly and Company and has had stops at Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Allos Therapeutics, and now Jazz Pharmaceuticals.  His strengths are in understanding market opportunities, developing strategy, building teams, and executing through teams.  Matt has been very blessed in his career and is excited at this point in life to give back. 

Matt and his wife, Merris, have four wonderful children, one son-in-law and twin grandbabies.  He enjoys off-roading, tinkering on cars, travelling, and rooting for the Phoenix Suns.

Matt has been very blessed in his career and is excited to give back.