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“Grand Canyon University is proud to be a partner with AZBio, working together to bolster Arizona Bioscience by ensuring the presence of a well-trained and entrepreneurial workforce to meet the growing needs of our industry.”

Jon Valla, PhD
Grand Canyon University

"AZBio is the only organization solely focused on providing programs and advocacy to support the bioscience ecosystem in the state of Arizona. Regardless of a organization's size, area of focus or financial profile, the breadth of programs, events and networking opportunities provided by AZBio is something that every bioscience company, and their supporting partners, can benefit from."

Kristen Swingle
Cord Blood Registry

“The challenges building out our bioscience infrastructure in Arizona are offset by the dedicated efforts of AZBio members and the relentless pursuit of life altering solutions in the biosciences. With over 3500+ medical device jobs in the Flagstaff community we are on the right path to compete with Boulder, CO and Minneapolis, MN in the area of workforce preparedness.”

Dan Kaspryzk
Symple Surgical

"As Arizona works to grow its bioscience industry, AZBio leads the way. My organization and those we support have received benefit from what this organization provides each and every day. But more importantly, the community benefits through helping support and sustain new and thriving biotech companies."

MaryAnn Guerra

“AZBio is at the forefront of advancing the biosciences industry in Arizona. Our ability to collaborate and execute is the engine that drives bioscience development on a local and global scale. Now is an exciting time to be involved in connecting across the state to provide valuable, life-changing solutions.”

Dave Cano
Medtronic Tempe Campus

AZ Bio makes a difference for Arizona in supporting events, education and lobbying for our bio and allied industry including suppliers. It is a key resource that has consistently grown stronger and it's contributions has made Arizona one of the growth states for high technology. No matter the size or stage of development, AZ Bio has significant benefits for your business. Your membership dues can actually pay for itself through buying savings, education and networking with Arizona's best.

Donald G. Isaacs
MedCom, Inc.

"AZBio has been doing an excellent job laying out and promoting the Arizona Bioscience Roadmap. The AZBio June 2014 Expo featured presentations by leaders of established successful Arizona companies and some promising newcomers. Joan Koerber-Walker continues to inspire all with her energy and vision."

David Larwood, CEO
Valley Fever Solutions

"This was one of the most valuable conferences I've attended in the past 10 years -- jam-packed with important information about Arizona's leading-edge bioscience companies, trends in venture funding, top partnership opportunities for clinical research and bioscience entrepreneurs, and innovative technologies helping to speed disease recovery, increase life expectancy, and improve healthcare efficiencies."

Carol A. Poore, Ph.D., MBA
Phoenix Phabulous Experience

AZBio serves a key role in our community by continually demonstrating its commitment to building the biosciences industry across Arizona communities. They have helped guide and direct my organization to key resources with in our biosciences community - a great savings in time and money.

Halina Janus - Founder
Halina Janus Associates

Northern Arizona is a hub for some very exciting developments in the bioscience arena, but we haven't always been very well connected to the rest of Arizona's efforts. Northern Arizona University has really benefited from its link with AZBio -- helping us build important connections to small and medium-sized companies elsewhere in the state, and helping us bring attention to the innovative work of our university researchers.

Laura Huenneke, Ph.D.
Northern Arizona University

AZBio serves a key role in our community by connecting the Bio organizations and leaders that are advancing the industry, the state, and our society with new products and technologies that make a difference.

Mario Martinez, II
MRTNZ Ventures

The bioscience industry in Arizona continues to grow and thrive due to a continued focus on growing firms in this space by various groups. AZBio is leading the charge by providing support to life science firms across many areas and ensuring that they have the connections, training and workforce necessary to be successful.

Russ Yelton - CEO
Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, Inc.

I really love the concept that you and AZBio are creating because "there in lies the answer" to the economic woes of Arizona! Brava!

Barbara Jean Adelson, R.N., BSN | Vice President
Adelson Medical Consulting, Inc.

Kudos to you and your team for putting on a successful event with the AZ BIO Expo! I wanted to tell you how informative the AZBio Expo was for us here at ACA, especially in the Workforce Division. The panel on “Challenges Facing our Bioindustry Today” was particularly helpful to me because it identified how we need to connect the bio-tech companies to the human capital available within the Local Workforce Areas throughout the State.

Sheila Paul Shedd | Manager, Governor's Council on Workforce Policy
Arizona Commerce Authority

Joining AZBio is about the network, the community, and the resources. Sure I can focus on myself, my customers and my market, but with AZBio, I can draw upon three state universities, influence government policy that affects MY BUSINESS, and have access to a large diverse community of VETTED support industry from IT, patent law, and engineering support, to advertising and human resources. In this increasingly competitive global economy, I stand to benefit from collaboration. AZBio is an great way to access what I need easier and faster. Show up, participate, give some advice, take a few leads. It’s certainly worth the effort!

Patrick Marcus
Marcus Engineering