Speaking Up for Science and the Need to Protect Our Herd Immunity

A unified coalition of health care professionals and community advocates from throughout Arizona are  speaking up to strongly oppose two  sets of vaccine related bills currently under consideration in the Arizona Legislature.   (HB 2470, 2471, 2472 and SB1114, 1115, 1116).

Vaccination is one of the cornerstones of preventing disease and improving the health of our society. 

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Life365 Engages Objective Capital Partners to Assist in Coordinating Strategic Capital and Partnership Opportunities

Life365, a leader in intelligent digital health infrastructure development and solution delivery, today announced that it has engaged Objective Capital Partners, LLC, to serve as a financial advisor to assist the Company in coordinating strategic capital and partnerships with the goal of maximizing the value of the strong intellectual property portfolio and digital health platform. The Life365 platform currently offers a range of solutions to engage health consumers at home, including a patented operating system for wearable health technology, software apps, integration to hundreds of connected medical devices, OTT set top box integration for Smart TVs, mobile / concierge personal safety services, Rapid Diagnostics pharmacy / home integration, and subscription e-commerce solutions for personalized care management.Continue reading

New Study on Children With Autism and Developmental Delays Show TouchPoints Wearable Devices Reduced 72% of Disruptive and Self-Harming Behaviors

Data released from Ysgol Maes Y Coed, a special educational needs school in South Wales, UK showed a staggering reduction in problematic behaviors in case studies of children ages 7-14. Researchers tracked baseline behaviors for one week without TouchPoints, stress-relieving neuroscience wearables, and one week with the devices on the children during the entire school day.

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Makers of Brainwave Optimization Technologies® and Cereset™ Announce New Clinical Trial for Mild-Traumatic Brain Injury

 Military personnel, athletes and accident victims who experience concussions can suffer from painful and debilitating conditions that impact everyday activities. Persisting symptoms from these mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) can include sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, headaches, dizziness and behavioral issues.Continue reading

NuvOx Pharma’s NVX-208 Shows Positive Results in Phase Ib/II Stroke Trial

Positive results of NuvOx Pharma’s NVX-208 in the treatment of stroke have been published at the International Stroke Conference.  The trial was sponsored by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. William “Bill” Culp, MD, the principal investigator on the trial, said, “Such strong safety and promising efficacy results meet our highest hopes for this small trial. Expanded trials are fully warranted.”Continue reading