AZBio Public Policy Principles


 Our Policy Goals

  • Support the discovery, development, commercialization, delivery and availability of bioscience innovations that support the sustainability of our planet, our people, and our communities.
  • Increase access to capital for bioscience companies so they can grow and create more opportunity and jobs here in Arizona.
  • Grow and attract great bioscience companies and Institutions by creating a supportive tax and regulatory environment.
  • Support K-12 Education programs that benefit our state as a whole and serve as a magnet to attract and retain a talented and productive workforce.
  • Support Higher Education Funding;
  • Promote University Research Funding and Technology Transfer Activity.
  • Encourage Economic Development Programs that  support our overall Business Climate
  • Serve as a reliable and trusted resource to our Legislators, Elected and Appointed Officials on issues and opportunities that affect our bioscience industry, our communities, and our state.