1,000th Implant of the World’s Only Approved Total Artificial Heart Performed

SynCardia Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart, announced today that the 1,000th implant of the world’s first and only FDA, Health Canada and CE (Europe) approved Total Artificial Heart was performed on Feb. 10 at The University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson, AZ. Since then, an additional four implants of the Total Artificial Heart have been performed at SynCardia Certified Centers in Germany, France and the United States.

The Syncardia temporary Total Artificial Heart Available at 56 Certified Centers Worldwide with an Additional 34 Hospitals Currently Undergoing Certification

“Surpassing 1,000 implants is a milestone achievement for the Total Artificial Heart, which is rapidly becoming the new standard of care for end-stage biventricular failure,” said Michael Garippa, SynCardia CEO/President and Chairman. “The Total Artificial Heart would not be where it is today without the leadership of hospitals like the University of Arizona, VCU, La Pitié in Paris and the Heart & Diabetes Center in Bad Oeynhausen. These centers have not only been avid supporters and users of the Total Artificial Heart for years, but have also rapidly adopted and deployed the new Freedom® portable driver for discharging stable patients home.”

There are currently 56 SynCardia Certified Centers worldwide, with an additional 34 hospitals in the process of completing SynCardia’s Certification Program. In 2011, 29 new centers signed up to undergo certification. In addition, many world-renowned transplant programs performed their first implants of the Total Artificial Heart last year, including NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, Texas Heart Institute, Texas Children’s Hospital, Keck Hospital of the University of Southern California, Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, and Papworth Hospital in the United Kingdom… read more

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