Ways to Support Life Saving Innovation on Giving Tuesday

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Support life saving and life changing innovation on Giving Tuesday.

AZMN, the  mission of the Arizona Myeloma Network provides is to promote awareness, education and advocacy for improved treatment and quality of life, for multiple myeloma patients, their families and caregivers.  Our members are patients, families, health care professionals, volunteers and others concerned about myeloma. AzMN is a nonprofit charity (501)(c)(3) organization that conducts outreach Events and Educational programs for Arizona Myeloma cancer patients, their families and caregivers, with special consideration for the under served: African American, Asian /Pacific, Hispanic American and Native American.   ----  DONATE



What do you care about? Finding cures for cancer, asthma, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and other devastating diseases? Ending hunger around the world? Tackling obesity in America through more nutritious foods? Better educating our young people so they can take the reins of scientific innovation in the future?  – for people, for the state and perhaps, for the world and generations to come.   ----  DONATE



With the mapping of the human genome comes the unprecedented opportunity to advance science in ways never before thought possible. Our nation’s ability to seize this opportunity is increasingly compromised by decreases in available government funding. The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University is a place where your personal investment will make an impact – for people, for the state and perhaps, for the world and generations to come..   ----  DONATE



Every day, the physicians and scientists at Barrow Neurological Institute work to unlock the mysteries of the human body, to develop better treatments, and to prevent and even cure disease. Benefactors play an important role in the process by giving to Barrow Neurological Foundation. We invite you to join the Barrow team in accepting challenges, rejecting norms and pushing boundaries. Your gift, whatever the size, will help.

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The Critical Path Institute (C-Path) is on a mission to bring forward more life-saving therapies sooner and we need your help. C-Path pioneered the consortia-driven approach to advance the regulatory sciences, and has developed a global reputation as a trusted organization that brings together a wide variety of collaborators from industry, government and academia. Its track record creating successful public private partnerships enables C-Path and its collaborators to continually develop and achieve regulatory pathway innovations that help more patients in more disease areas. Your contribution will break down barriers and help life saving therapies reach patients more efficiently and effectively. ----  DONATE



Our community has made tremendous progress over the last decade by working together to support the development of the assets and the talent needed to achieve this goal.  We have the initial building blocks, Now we must take what we have built and what we have learned and take it to the next level.  We hope you will support our mission and join us on the journey.  Choose your program: D3Bio has THREE programs open for support in 2017/2018.  Designate your gift to the one that matters most to you: Internship Job Board, Student Discovery Zones, or Access to Capital Initiative.  --- Donate

Help is on the way! Focus On Lyme has partnered with Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), a leader in identifying and isolating dangerous pathogens. Paul Keim, Ph.D. and David Engelthaler, Ph.D. have designed a revolutionary test to pinpoint multiple strains of Lyme disease, detect major co-infections and detect non-Lyme causes of disease like influenza or Staph. This test will provide accurate and actionable information to the physician and patient.  ----  DONATE



ICAN's mission is to assist and empower late-stage patients worldwide with cutting-edge information regarding anticancer drugs in clinical trials as well as physician referrals at the patient’s request based on the patient’s reported medical situation. ICAN takes the position that there are key decision points in the battle for life and with the best available information, the cancer patient will be well-armed for the road ahead. ----  DONATE



Your gift creates opportunities in every direction.  At NAU, students gain the knowledge and experience they need to contribute to society, become leaders in their communities, and change the world. This is a big ambition, but NAU has always dreamed big – just like our students.   ----  DONATE



TGen, the Translational Genomics Research Institute, is an affiliate of City of Hope.  We are an Arizona-based, nonprofit medical research institute dedicated to conducting groundbreaking research with life-changing results. We work to unravel the genetic components of common and complex diseases, including cancer, neurological disorders, infectious disease, and rare childhood disorders. By identifying treatment options in this manner, we believe medicine becomes more rational, more precise and, well, more personal.  TGen Foundation is a non-profit that secures and stewards private support to fuel TGen’s biomedical discoveries. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of patients and their families. We connect philanthropy to research to help donors achieve their desire to spur innovation and discovery in meaningful ways. ----  DONATE



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