AZBio 2017 Legislative Watch List

As Arizona’s Statewide Bioscience Industry Association, AZBio works with our elected leaders to educate and inform on the key issues that will help to make Arizona a Top-Tier Bioscience State and works across our community to support our members, our industry, our healthcare partners, and patient advocacy organizations.

Each year, AZBio publishes its Policy Initiatives as approved by the AZBio Board of Directors.

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AZBio is supported at the State Capitol by our contract lobbyists at Dorn Policy Group

AZBio collecting and delivering letters from across the community  to the State Capitol in support of the Governor’s Plan to invest $1B in University Research Infrastructure.  A Grassroots Tool Kit is available for community members interested in sharing their comments. To request your Tool Kit click here.

The 2017 AZBio Watch List

The following bills and budget items are being monitored by the AZBio Government Affairs Team during Arizona’s 2017 53rd Legislature – 1st Regular Session.

Executive Budget

On January 13th, Governor Doug Ducey introduced his Executive Budget.  The following are the major points of the Governor’s plan:

  • Maintains the structural balanced budget.
  • Invests $34.1 million per year for 23 years to support a planned investment of $1 billion in  university research infrastructure at Arizona’s public universities.
  • Invests $114 million in K-12 education above and beyond inflation and enrollment growth.
  • This results in an additional $453 million in K-12 and higher education over the next three years.
  • 93 percent of ongoing spending proposals are focused on education.
  • The $114 million increase is (1) above and beyond current funding, (2) on top of $76 million in other adjustments, and (3) in addition to the $3.5 billion in funding approved by voters through Prop 123.
  • Recommends $204 million over the next five years to give all public school teachers in Arizona the lasting salary increase they deserve—not to mention a $1,000 signing bonus for teachers who commit to teaching in low-income schools.
  • Provides a $2.8 million appropriation to extend 12 months of additional cash assistance, known as TANF, to Arizonans who are engaged in job search activities and who are working hard to get their kids to school everyday—to help them get off unemployment and stop the cycle of poverty.
  • Makes an investment in efforts to reduce prison recidivism, including $500,000 to the Department of Corrections for substance abuse counselors and a re-entry planner, and $1.5 million for the Department of Forestry to create a post-release fire crew. 

Active Bills at the 2017 53rd Legislature – 1st Regular Session.

The list below highlights bills that pertain to our areas of focus.   As these bills progress, our positions to support, monitor, or oppose will be added.    All AZBio Members have the option to add bills to the Watch List.  To do so, email AZBio.

Transmitted to the Governor

HB2197:  telemedicine; audio visual requirements (Signed)

HB2205: DHS; commission; task force; repeal (Signed)

HB2208:  inhalers; administration; schools; authorized entities (Signed)

HB2248:  JTEDs; adults (Signed)

HB2308:  pharmacy board; logistics providers; permits (Signed)

HB2382: pharmaceuticals; misbranding; enforcement prohibited  (Signed)

House Bills

HB2030:  insurance coverage; telemedicine; urology (Support)

HB2191: Angel Investor Tax; Credit Cap (Strike Everything:  formerly “child support; administrative order; enforcement”) (Support)

HB2229:  JTEDs; courses and programs; approval (Support)

Senate Bills

SB1034:  appropriation; teacher student loan program (Support)

Passed Senate as amended (30-0)

SB1368:   newborn screening; fees (Support)

Passed Senate (28-1)

The following bills did not progress or were not heard in committee:

HB2090:  hospitals; flu vaccines (Support)

HB2194:  indoor tanning; minors; restricted use (Support)

HB2209:  family caregiver income tax credit (Support)

HB2235:    tax credit cap; angel investor (Support) 

HB2252:  rural school employees; tuition waiver (Support)

HB2336:  end of life decisions; terminally ill

HB2359:  universities; governing boards

HB2471:  insurance; health care appeals; medications (Support)

SB1212:   tax credit cap; angel investor (Support)