AZAdvances is working to support health innovation in Arizona

How You Can Help Advance Health Innovation

Arizona’s health innovation community is committed to discovering, developing, and delivering innovative medicines, medical devices, and healthcare technologies that make life better for people in Arizona and around the world.

We never forget that patients are why we do what we do. They are depending on us to develop and deliver the health solutions they need.

AZAdvances is an initiative of the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation and AZBio that will help move Arizona based health innovations forward faster today and in the future.

AZAdvances works with Arizona researchers and early-stage companies to develop discoveries and advance health innovations by providing the support and seed funding that is needed to accelerate the process.

Students also benefit from educational programs to opportunities to showcase their work. They also compete for scholarships as they make connections and explore future careers in this rewarding field.

In 2022, the Arizona Health Innovation Trust Fund was created by the State of Arizona. An endowment that is managed by the State Treasurer’s Office. Like AZAdvances, this fund is designed to support heath education and health innovation in Arizona forever. The fund can accept government inestments and donations from organizations as well as private individuals.

People across Arizona are coming together to support these important initiatives and to support the creation of health innovations that will make life better today and for years to come. You can see some of the faces of the people who are helping to support health innovation in Arizona on the AZAdvances Donor Wall.

We’d love to see your face there too. You are invited to join us in supporting AZAdvances.

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