AZBio Members Saved over $1.3 Million in 2014 with AZBio Purchasing Power

The 2014 reports are in.  Fifty-Five AZBio Members used the VWR and Office Depot purchasing programs from BIO Business Solutions in 2014 and their combined savings was $1.3 Million off of list price.  These are just two of the programs that help AZBio Members save with AZBio Purchasing Power.

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Whenever we talk about growing our life science community, the conversation quickly turns to resources.  We need more research dollars and we need more capital to move our growing companies forward.  As business people, we all know there are two ways to improve our bottom line – Increase Revenues and Decrease  Costs.

AZBio Purchasing Power helps you stretch your  precious dollars AND thanks to the programs negotiated by BIO Business Solutions for us, they also contribute resources to AZBio which are reinvested into  more programs and resources that benefit AZBio Members and help our life science community grow.

AZBio Purchasing Power is designed to help you save on the products and services you may already be using every day:  Office Supplies and Computer Equipment, Business Insurance, Lab Supplies and Industrial Gases, Shipping, Press Releases, and Environmental Solutions specifically tailored to the needs of biotechnology companies.

AZBio Purchasing Power also provides discounts on tools  you can use to grow your business including tools to help you manage the regulatory approval process and online tools you can use to train your team.

AZBio Purchasing Power is a free benefit to ALL AZBio Members.

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Stretch Your Dollar

START SAVING TODAY! AZBio Purchasing Power Programs are designed to help you stretch a dollar AND build resources for AZBio to support the growth of Arizona’s Life Science Community.





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