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AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement

John N. Galgiani, MDValley Fever Center for Excellence, The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson

Arizona Bioscience Company of the Year

GT Medical Technologies, Inc. 

Jon W. McGarity Arizona Bioscience Leader of the Year

Brad Halvorsen, Executive Vice President, Flinn Foundation

Public Service Award Honoree

Senator David Gowan

Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year

Lisa M. Rimsza, MDMayo Clinic

Michael A. Cusanovich Bioscience Educator of the Year

Barbara Marusiak, DHScASU Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

AZBio Fast Lane Award Honorees

Aesthetics Biomedical ® Inc.

CND Life Sciences, Inc.

Reglagene, Inc.

  2023 AZBio Awards Agenda

  West Ballroom - Phoenix Convention Center

  1:30 PM - Registration Opens for  Exhibitor and Student Poster set up

  2:00 PM - Student Discovery Zone Opens in the Innovation Showcase

  3:00 PM  - Cocktail reception begins (registered attendees receive 2 drink tickets)

  4:00 PM - AZBio Awards Ceremony (Please be seated by 4 PM!)

  5:30 PM  - Life Science Fiesta - Join us for food and fun in the Innovation Showcase

  8:00 PM - Event Concludes

1997: Under the leadership of Bob Case and Michael Berens, Ph.D., the Arizona Bioindustry Cluster was born.

2003: In recognition of the commitment to build a viable biosciences industry in Arizona, the Arizona Bioindustry Cluster was reincorporated and becomes the Arizona Bioindustry Association. The State of Arizona invests $500 million in Arizona bioscience research infrastructure including the Biodesign Institute at ASU and the BIO5 Institute at the University of Arizona.

2005: The Flinn Foundation provides grant support to our statewide educational outreach efforts. Jon McGarity, who wrote the grant the Flinn grant proposal,  becomes the first President and CEO of the Arizona Bioindustry Association. The community gathers for the first annual Arizona Bioindustry Awards dinner.

2012:  Arizona turns 100 and the Bioscience Road Map Turns 10.  Arizona’s Bioscience Industry has grown jobs at 4 times the national average and the number of firms by 27%  in a decade.

2014:  The Flinn Foundation announces that Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, which was released in 2002 and has been  updated in 2014 to guide the growth and development of the state’s bioscience sector through 2025.   AZBio hosts the first White Hat Life Science Investor Conference bringing together venture capitalists and angel investors with innovative life science companies from across the Rocky Mountain Southwest.

2016:  AZBio hosts the inaugural Arizona Bioscience Week to raise awareness about Arizona’s Bioscience Industry locally and nationally.  Investors and Innovators come together at the second White Hat Life Science Investor Conference. The Annual Economic Impact of Arizona’s biotech and medtech industry in 2016 was $23.16 billion based on Arizona’s share of the industry’s $2 Trillion impact nationally. 

2017:  The State of Arizona  provides bonding authority for $1 billion for investments in University Research Infrastructure.  This investment continues a collaboration between the State of Arizona, Industry Leaders, Philanthropists, and Arizona’s Universities that is driving Arizona towards its goal of becoming a top-tier bioscience state.

2018:  The Flinn Foundation reports that Arizona’s Bioscience Industry has grown jobs by 58% in the period from 2002-2016. BIO includes Arizona in its list of top job creators for the period.  AZBio hosts the third White Hat Life Science Investor Conference. The Annual Economic Impact of Arizona’s biotech and medtech industry in 2018 was $32.67 billion.

2019: AZBio receives a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Agency to establish a sustainable life science seed fund in Arizona.  AZBio partners with the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation (OTEF) to create AZAdvances. 

2020:   Arizona's investments in bioscience talent and infrastructure are put to good use during the COVID-19 pandemic as the industry supports the health needs of the community. As large in-person meetings  are unsafe, the AZBio Awards are presented as Celebrating Life and Science, a 1-hour prime time network television event on ABC15 and CW61. AZBio hosts the fourth White Hat Life Science Investor Conference in a virtual format. Since White Hat's inception, presenting companies have gone on to raise over $1.8 billion in investment.

2021: TEConomy Partners reports Arizona's life science workforce includes 36,410 workers across 2,912 establishments. The Annual Economic Impact of Arizona’s biotech and medtech industry in 2021 was $38.54 billion. Celebrating Life and Science celebrates the work of our health innovators  on ABC15 and CW61 and AZBio's Health Innovation Spotlight campaign reaches over 2 million TV viewers.

2022: The Arizona Health Innovation Trust Fund is established as a permanent endowment with the State Treasurer serving as trustee.  The State Board of Investment approves the contract with OTEF for AZAdvances to deliver the workforce development, entrepreneurial programs, and investments needed to accelerate the growth of health innovations and life science employment in Arizona after the endowment fund matures. The 7th annual Arizona Bioscience Week returns in-person and includes the 5th White Hat Life Science Investor Conference.

Arizona is a top-ten life science state.

AZBio supports the needs of Arizona’s growing life science ecosystem.

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