Ben Cloud of Phyco Biosciences Inc

Ben Cloud, Phyco BioscienesBen Cloud, President & CEO

Phyco BioSciences, Inc. – Chandler, Arizona

Since 2005, Phyco BioSciences had been dedicated to the commercialization of algae biomass as a food and industrial crop. Ben joined with five other founding stockholders to form the company and served as COO until becoming CEO in 2010. 

Completing Pilot scale operations in 2011, Phyco has developed an economical production platform for large-scale algae biomass production that lowered production costs and opened new market opportunities.  Commercial operations are planned for 2012 in Arizona to supply nutraceutical, protein, and biofertilizer markets.

For over 30 years, Ben has been a farmer and farmland developer with operations in Arizona and Southern California.  His significant experience in production agriculture including drip-micro irrigation systems and design, cropping systems, processing and marketing have contributed to the development of the Phyco production platform and business approach. 

University of Arizona, Agri-Business, 1974-1977

Phyco BioSciences, Inc.

PO Box 12498

Chandler, Arizona

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