C-Path Announces New Executive Directors for Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium and T1D Consortium

Appointments of Seasoned Researchers Reinforce C-Path’s Leadership in Accelerating Innovative Therapy Development

TUCSON, Ariz., January 31, 2024— The Critical Path Institute (C-Path) is proud to announce the appointment of two new Executive Directors: Ramona Belfiore-Oshan, Ph.D., for the Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium (D-RSC) and Joseph Hedrick, Ph.D., for the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Consortium. These appointments mark a significant step in expanding C-Path’s role as a crucial ally in global drug development, with both Dr. Belfiore-Oshan and Dr. Hedrick executing pivotal roles in shaping the scientific and regulatory landscapes. Their expertise and leadership are key to driving forward C-Path’s mission to foster collaborations that accelerate drug development and advance better treatments for people worldwide.

Dr. Ramona Belfiore-Oshan: Executive Director of Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium:

Belfiore-Oshan, a distinguished researcher in neurological disorders, steps into her role as Executive Director of D-RSC after her impactful tenure as Associate Director. A University of Catania alumnus, with expertise spanning from ALS to Alzheimer’s disease, Belfiore-Oshan has been instrumental in advancing C-Path’s objectives through her leadership in regulatory science.

“Ramona’s expertise in neuroscience and her dedication to advancing research in dystrophinopathies make her an ideal leader for D-RSC,” said C-Path CEO Klaus Romero, M.D., M.S. FCP. “Her ability to bridge scientific research and regulatory requirements is invaluable in our quest to expedite therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.”

Dr. Belfiore-Oshan commented, “I am incredibly honored to lead C-Path’s Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium and contribute to the advancement of drug development tools for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other dystrophinopathies. I look forward to continuing to work with the entire community of patient advocates, regulators, drug developers and researchers to pave the way for the betterment of those we serve, alongside C-Path’s wonderful team.”

Dr. Joseph Hedrick: Executive Director of Type 1 Diabetes Consortium:

Dr. Hedrick brings over 25 years of experience in drug discovery, including significant roles at Janssen, JDRF, Merck, and Schering-Plough. A renowned leader in small molecules and biologics, Dr. Hedrick has been pivotal in advancing T1D therapies through his innovative approach and collaborative efforts. An author of numerous research articles and patents, he holds a doctorate from the University of California-San Diego and San Diego State University. Dr Hedrick’s leadership is instrumental in driving the consortium’s mission to enhance T1D treatment and prevention.

“Joe’s extensive background in immunology and diabetes, coupled with his visionary approach to healthcare, positions him perfectly to lead the T1D Consortium. His commitment to intercepting Type 1 diabetes in its early stages aligns with C-Path’s mission of pioneering transformative healthcare solutions,” stated Romero.

Dr. Hedrick shared his vision for the consortium, “I am excited to lead C-Path’s Type 1 Diabetes Consortium in its efforts to develop regulatory grade tools that will accelerate the development of novel solutions for T1D.  Together with regulatory agencies, patient advocacy organizations, industry and academic leaders, I am confident that we will continue to change the story for those living with this disease.”

Both Dr. Belfiore-Oshan and Dr. Hedrick embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is the hallmark of C-Path. Their leadership will undoubtedly steer their respective consortia towards new heights in drug development and regulatory science, benefiting patients worldwide.

Researchers interested in contributing data to D-RSC and/or utilizing the database to advance DMD-related research initiatives can learn more at: c-path.org/d-rsc and c-path.org/d-rsc/overview/database-access.

For more information on C-Path’s T1D efforts, visit: c-path.org/t1d.



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