Cancer Caregivers of America Launches Online Cancer Caregivers Educational Platform

Comprehensive online program allows patients, caregivers, and families education, tools, and support systems specific to caring for cancer patients of all kinds.

September 15, 2023. Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Myeloma Network (AZMN) and the Cancer Caregivers of America have officially launched the Online Cancer Caregivers Education Platform™ that helps cancer patients, caregivers and families get the help, support, and understanding they need as they navigate our complicated medical system, and the emotions that accompany a loved one being diagnosed with cancer, helping reduce the stress and overcome the challenges associated with cancer caregiving.

According to the American Cancer Society, 39,970 Arizonians were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2022. A single cancer patient may have several caregivers through the course of their journey with cancer. If each patient had just three caregivers throughout the journey, almost 120,000 people in Arizona could benefit from the quality support provided by the cancer caregivers education programs.

“I know what it’s like to be a cancer caregiver because my husband, Jack, is now a 32-year cancer survivor and an inspiration to so many who are battling cancer,” says Barbara Kavanaugh, Founder of AzMN and Cancer Caregivers of America. “Through his diagnosis and years of treatment, I have been his caregiver and he has been an active leader and Inspiration for our organization. He recognizes the importance of educating and supporting others,” she continues.

The Online Cancer Caregiver Program provides:

  • Training and Education modules that are engaging and interactive that will increase your caregiving knowledge and skills
  • A comprehensive Resource Library dedicated to cancer care resources, both State and National,
  • A Virtual Cancer Caregiver Community that consists of a Network of cancer caregivers and patients with similar journeys and a place that you can exchange information, thoughts and ideas, questions, discussions, and get positive support.


About Arizona Myeloma Network (AzMN®) is a nonprofit organization Founded in 2004, by Barbara and Jack Kavanagh that conducts cancer outreach events and education programs. Our mission is to promote collaboration, awareness, education and advocacy for improved treatment outcomes and quality of life for multiple myeloma patients, their families and All cancer caregivers with special consideration for the underserved. Learn more at


About Cancer Caregivers of America

Cancer Caregivers of America is an AzMN program which was especially developed to provide the educational ‘tools’ and resources that build critical cancer caregiving skills, in the cancer patient, the cancer caregiver and family, as well as the cancer care professional. The Cancer Caregivers Education Program also promotes collaboration and understanding with the Scientific and Medical Community.  Visit for additional information on how to register for this Program and special pricing through October 31st, 2023.


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