DxInsights to Host Diagnostics Summit

Forward-thinking Summit to be Held at the University of Arizona / Miraval Institute



Tucson, AZ (March 13, 2014)DxInsights, a non-profit organization focused on educating the healthcare community on the power and impact of diagnostics today announced that they will host The Diagnostics Summit: Innovative Pathways to Better Health at the Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona on May 4-6th. This Summit will be part of the inaugural season of the University of Arizona / Miraval Institute.


The Diagnostics Summit will bring together leading innovators in the field of diagnostics and personalized healthcare in an effort to explore new technologies, the latest advances in science and new frontiers in personalized diagnostics.  The two-day meeting will focus on innovations in diagnostics from point of care (necrosis sensing shoes and concussion sensing helmets) to unique biomarkers (including Alzheimer’s) that will help guide the future of healthcare.


“Without an accurate and timely diagnosis, a patient has nothing.  The need to improve diagnosis is clear today. DxInsights’ inaugural Diagnostics Summit will reveal the best and brightest in diagnostics – as an independent discipline – not an off-shoot of drugs or devices,” states Mara Aspinall, President/CEO of Ventana Medical Systems, Founder of DxInsights and conference chair.  “We envision this Summit as the Diagnostics industry’s own TED meets Davos in the mountains of Tucson.”


Scheduled speakers include a “who’s who” of the diagnostics industry, including industry veterans and next generation inventors:


  • David Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery, University of Arizona
  • Michael Cima, Professor of Engineering, MIT
  • Anna Barker, MD, PhD, Director, ASU Transformative Healthcare Networks
  • Thomas Grogan, MD, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Ventana Medical Systems
  • Kristin Pothier, Partner, Ernst & Young; Founder, DxInsights
  • Eric Reiman, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Banner Research
  • Michael Singer, President and CEO of  Brainscope Company


Keynote Address:

John Kao, Chairman of the Institute of Large Scale Innovation and Chairman of the Global  Advisory Council on Innovation of the World Economic Forum


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About DxInsights


Founded by seasoned executives involved in all facets of the diagnostics industry from research to commercialization, DxInsights is dedicated to educating healthcare stakeholders on the power and impact of diagnostics to improve the care of patients and to reduce the cost of treatment.  DxInsights gathers the most relevant information on the industry and communicates that through educational White Papers, a central reference website and national summit meetings highlighting innovation in diagnostics.   DxInsights was founded by Mara Aspinall, President/CEO of Ventana Medical Systems and Kristin Ciriello Pothier, Partner, Ernst & Young and co-founded by Hathaway Pease Russell, Partner, Foley Hoag and Terri Clevenger, President, Continuum Health Communications.


For more information about DxInsights, please visit www.dxinsights.org.




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