Inaugural Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium hosted by The University of Arizona

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Date(s) - 25 Sep 2019
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

DuVal Auditorium, Banner – University Medical Center Tucson

Inaugural Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium (IICS)

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2019: The DuVal Auditorium, College of Medicine

The Inaugural Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium (IICS) is an inclusive, University of Arizona project sponsored by the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the Bio5 Institute, the College of Medicine Tucson, and the College of Science. It is designed to inform our Community about recent evidence-based research and teaching in the horticultural and medicinal aspects of Cannabis

Admission to the IICS is by Online Pre-Registration only. Priority seating will be given to UofA faculty, students and staff. The Community is also invited to attend but everyone still needs to pre-register online. There is no charge for this Community outreach program.


Program (subject to minor changes)

8:30     Welcome         

9:00     Vanderah        The Biological Foundation of It All: The Endocannabinoid System

10:00   Chandra          Botany, Chemistry, Potency and Drug Development

11:00   Marcotte        Beyond the Smoke: Promises & Challenges-Medicinal Cannabis & Cannabinoids  

12:00   Lin                   Teaching Human Physiology of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

13:00   LUNCH             on your own in the Banner-UMC Tower Cafeteria

14:00   Huntsman      Pediatric Epilepsy: Novel Pharmacological Basis-Treatment & Literature Review

15:00   Eddington      Preparing Next-Gen Pharmacists to Assist Patients with Cannabis Medicinals Use

16:00   Meiri               Behind the Smokescreen of Medical Cannabis: Evidence-Based Research Findings


Suman Chandra, PhD U Mississippi NIDA Cannabis Ctr                                                     Thomas Marcotte, MD UC San Diego Cannabis Res Center

Natalie Eddington, PhD, U Maryland @ Baltimore, Sch of Pharmacy                               Dedi Meiri, PhD The Technion, Israel Cancer Biology Lab

Richard Huntsman, MD U Saskatchewan Pediatric Neurology                                          Todd Vanderah, PhD U AZ Col of Medicine Pharmacology

Yu Fung Lin, PhD UC Davis Sch of Medicine Physiology                                                     Raphael Gruener, PhD IICS Organizer


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