Viral vectors—beyond the yellow brick road

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Date(s) - 5 May 2020
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM


Viral vectors—beyond the yellow brick road

Tuesday, May 5th at 1 pm EST (10 AM AZ)
Jan Bondoc and Peter Walters

The science of viral vector manufacturing is generating a lot of excitement, and companies in this space are under pressure to move fast and make cost-effective decisions; this can occasionally result in speed at the expense of due diligence. To design a facility that’s not just capable of making the science happen at a commercial scale, but that’s also capable of operating smoothly, cost-effectively, and in a production environment that’s designed for maximum efficiency requires a close examination of assumptions and decisions.

Join us to achieve a more fulsome appreciation of the interdependent factors that contribute to an efficient and reliable throughput of viral vector products at a commercial scale.

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