Health Catalysts Group Releases Annual HCG Diagnostics Year In Review for 2022

The HCG Diagnostics Year in Review for 2022 contains data related to clinical diagnostics and diagnostics in the public markets, with special attention to the MEGA Index, diagnostic company IPOs, and diagnostic M&A. This report also includes Arizona State University’s Testing Commons COVID Year in Review, which focuses on all things related to SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics as well as COVID incidence vs influence and a history of the COVID mutations in the US.

“We hope that these are valuable and useful resources and welcome any and all feedback,” shared  Mara G. Aspinall, CEO of Health Catalysts Group. “We give thanks to our partners for their role in tracking this data, compiling the reports, and staying up-to-date on the challenges and accomplishments of our industry.”

The report credits the following people and organizations:

For IPO and Mergers & Acquisitions and Industry Data

  • BlueStone Venture Partners – Chris Burwell
  • Evercore – Bernard Sakmann and Justin Reed
  • Concert Genetics – Rob Metcalf
  • Xifin – Lale White

For COVID Data from

  • ASU College of Health Solutions: Sarah Igoe, M.D., Nate Wade, Ph.D., Michael Donovan, J.D., Ph.D.,
    Carl Yamashiro, Ph.D. and Dean Deborah Helitzer, Sc.D
  • ASU Decision Theater – Srivatsav Kandala and Fangwu Wei
  • The Rockefeller Foundation and RADx-UP team at Duke University for their enabling grants

About Health Catalysts Group:

Health Catalysts Group is a consulting and informatics firm focused on the success of life sciences companies. Health Catalysts helps companies leverage their data and technology to accelerate growth and gain unique market position. Health Catalysts also helps build young companies through venture investment.

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Grace Gegenheimer
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