Looking Back at Arizona Bioscience Week 2022 (Video)

Arizona Bioscience Week celebrates the people and companies that are making Arizona a top bioscience and healthcare state.

In 2022, we celebrated success at the AZBio Awards, connected innovators and investors at the White Hat Life Science Investor Conference and listened to the stories of the patients we serve at Voice of the Patient

Congratulations to our 2022 AZBio Awards Honorees

For his pioneering work in the field of mechanisms of evolution at the gene, genomic, cellular and phenotypic levels, Michael Lynch, PhD was honored with the 2022 Arizona Bioscience Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement.

For nearly 15 years, Caris Life Sciences® (Caris) has been pioneering the field of precision medicine in oncology by testing, sequencing and analyzing cancer tumors at the molecular level in order to validate diagnoses and treatment options for physicians and patients.  Caris Life Sciences is the 2022 Arizona Bioscience Company of the Year, 

For her dedication to finding a cure, Catherine Ivy was honored as the 2022 Arizona Bioscience Leader of the Year.

Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton was honored as Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year for her work to deliver cures for one of this century’s greatest health challenges: Alzheimer’s disease.

Sit down with Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, 2022 AZBio Public Service Honoree, and bring up the subject of biosciences, you will experience a burst of energy and insight about the innovation in healthcare taking place across Phoenix, including the growth of businesses creating jobs, and a personal passion that, “the path for a cure for cancer will run through Phoenix.”

Rachna Nath is developing future innovators as a teacher at the Arizona College Prep High School within Chandler Public School District. She was honored as the 2022 Arizona Bioscience Educator of the Year.

Patients and their care teams call on our health innovators to address areas of care where new and better solutions are needed. Anuncia Medical was honored as a 2022 Fast Lane Company for the progress they are making in answering the call from people with hydrocephalus and growing their team to deliver on solutions.

Our physicians need more effective medicines to help patients who are struggling for breath due to ARDS. Aqualung Therapeutics was honored with a 2022 AZBio Fast Lane Award for their work to develop new health solutions that can help patients and their care teams when every breath matters.

Castle Biosciences was honored with a 2022 AZBio Fast Lane Award for its substantial growth and success over the past 18 months.  Castle’s ongoing efforts are improving patient care and transforming disease management through innovative tests for skin cancers, uveal melanoma, Barrett’s esophagus and mental health conditions.

Investors & Innovators Share Insights at White Hat

Listening to Patient Voices

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