Meet Tucson’s Best Kept Secret – Xeridiem

David Wichner Arizona Daily  Star  Posted: Sunday,  November 13, 2011 12:00 am

Made in Tucson: Inconspicuous Xeridiem

If you’ve ever had medical treatment involving a feeding tube or a urinary  catheter – wince – it may well have been made right here in Tucson by Xeridiem  Medical Devices.

But even if you’re a doctor, you may have never seen or heard the name  Xeridiem, or its prior name, MRI Medical.

Xeridiem specializes in silicone-rubber-based medical devices, but rather  than market its own branded products, the company specializes in developing and  manufacturing products for other firms.

“Never have we branded a product, it’s always a contract-type of manufacturing arrangement,” said Joseph Lee, its president.

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