Molecular Cancer Diagnostics on BioCentury This Week

The newest edition of BioCentury This Week television explores the molecular diagnostic conundrum — where tests are expected to show the kind of clinical evidence required for drugs, but without the reward system that exists for therapeutics.

Dr. David Parkinson of venture firm New Enterprise Associates, and former CEO of cancer diagnostics play Nodality, brings the clinical and investor perspective to the “kind of world diagnostic companies need to move into.”

Kimberly Popovits, Chairman, President and CEO of Genomic Health, brings the ground-level view from a company whose diagnostics are now used to make treatment decisions in cancer.

In conversation with Washington Editor Steve Usdin, they explore:

How   “patient value” and “payer value” have different   definitions
How   molecular diagnostics need to be seen “through a different lens”   for reimbursement
Whether   developers of 21st century diagnostics have the expertise to produce evidence   of clinical effectiveness sought by regulators
Why the   runway to develop molecular diagnostics is longer than anyone had anticipated
Whether   companion diagnostics — the “tight integration of therapeutics and   diagnostics development” — will be at the core of the MDx business   model in the long run

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