Opportunity Alert: The Cleantech Open 2012 Accelerator & Competition

The Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest accelerator and provides entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch successful cleantech companies. Their mission is to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges.

About the Accelerator & Competition

The Cleantech Open Accelerator & Competition consists of a number of key activities; extensive mentoring, training, business clinics, access to investors and capital, numerous opportunities to showcase to the media and the public, and the competition itself. Since its inception in 2006, the Cleantech Open has awarded over $5M in cash and services to support cleantech growth companies. The 581 participating companies of the Cleantech Open’s accelerator programs have raised more than $660 million in external capital. 

How the Accelerator & Competition Works


*Grand Prize up to $100,000 cash (grant and/or investment). All cash prizes may be cash grant and/or investment and are subject to change.


Source:  CleanTech Open

For more information visit www.cleantechopen.com


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