Paradigm Announces Partnership with Cure Forward to Power Novel Social Data Platform

Paradigm and Cure Forward announced a partnership on June 18,2015 under which Paradigm will serve as a core diagnostic laboratory partner (DLP) for the provision of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based molecular profiling for cancer patients.

Dr. Robert Penny

Dr. Robert Penny

This collaboration is designed to provide oncology patients with better access to their molecular profiling test data, which they can use at Cure Forward to find relevant information, be invited to clinical trials, and participate in communities with other similar patients, in order to advance their care and accelerate cures for disease subtypes.  Results from Paradigm tests will be reported to ordering physicians, and then patients will be able to electronically retrieve their data through the Cure Forward platform.

“Cure Forward will provide Paradigm with a unique opportunity and cutting-edge social platform to engage oncology patients directly.  Like Cure Forward, we believe that patients own their data, which they can utilize to more proactively improve their care and outcomes,” said Dr. Robert Penny MD, PhD, CEO of Paradigm.

“At Cure Forward we provide patients a way to access and use their own molecular test data constructively, so that more people can be effective champions of their care,” said Martin Naley, CEO of Cure Forward.  “Paradigm’s PCDx test will be a key enabler of linking our patients to relevant information, community, and targeted clinical trials.”

PCDx is comprehensive clinical-grade NGS-based test that is designed to interrogate the most relevant genomic targets at over 5,000x average depth of coverage with 66 therapeutic associations.  The results are typically delivered in 4-5 business days to ensure the highest degree of quality and clinical relevance for patients and physician colleagues.

Paradigm is a molecular information corporation established to bring cutting-edge diagnostics to cancer patients and clinical trials by providing information about the genomic makeup of the patient’s cancer and potential therapies based on the specific characterization of the patient’s tumor that can impact the patient’s course of treatment. Paradigm’s Next-Generation Sequencing based diagnostic test PCDx provides oncologists and patients with more precise information about the specific cancer pathways in the patient and associations between the pathways and the specific drugs available that can affect the cancer to allow for more effective decision-making. The test is driven by supporting data and literature and provides more choices for patient care than currently available on the market. For more information visit

About Cure Forward
Cure Forward is a patient activation company bringing together science, community and education, giving patients unprecedented ability to utilize their molecular test data. Through the company’s website, patients can connect with relevant information, treatment options, and other similar patients. Cure Forward makes personalized healthcare accessible and approachable for patients and caregivers, activating their potential for cure or action against their disease. Cure Forward was incubated and launched by Apple Tree Partners, a leading healthcare venture capital firm headquartered in New York City.  For more information, visit


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