AZBioPEERS: Strategies to Attract, Develop and Retain Talent

Join us for a video replay of this insightful discussion on talent management strategies, featuring an esteemed panel with diverse experience. Panelists include Brady Young from Thrive Coaching and Consulting, Jessica Skower from Radiant Dev and Eden Higgins from Duffy Group. Explore essential topics including attracting top talent amidst competition from larger firms, accessing students for recruitment, crafting a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and mastering effective onboarding strategies. Watch to gain actionable insights and strategies to navigate the growing pains of scaling your startup.

About Our Panel:

Brady Young, Founder of Thrive Coaching and Consulting

Brady Young is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and catalyst for personal and organizational transformation. With an unwavering commitment to unlocking human potential, Brady has dedicated his career to empowering individuals and businesses to see alternative pathways for action that they have never seen before.

As the Founder of Thrive Coaching and Consulting, Brady is driven by a deep-seated passion for helping others realize their full capabilities. Brady uses a personalized approach to coaching and consulting. He believes in the power of authenticity, empathy, and accountability as catalysts for personal and professional success. Through tailored programs and strategic interventions, Brady equips individuals and organizations with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Brady’s journey into coaching and consulting was shaped by his diverse experiences across various industries, including technology, non-profit, biotech, and healthcare. This breadth of experience has endowed him with a keen understanding of the complexities inherent in organizational dynamics, as well as the ability to devise innovative solutions that drive meaningful results. When individuals thrive, organizations thrive.

Brady holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and is a certified coach. In his spare time, Brady enjoys hiking, woodworking, paddleboarding, and spending quality time with his family.

Jess Skower, Vice President of Sales/Customer Success, Radiat Dev.

With 14 years of recruiting experience and leadership, Jess Skower has developed a deep understanding of the industry and a proven track record of success. Throughout her career, she has honed my skills in identifying top talent, building strong relationships with candidates and clients, and leading high-performing recruitment teams. Her passion is helping start-ups within the bioscience industry grow a strong talent strategy and ensure the company strategy/culture is at the forefront. Jess’s philosophy is “right people, right plan will always equal success”!



Eden Higgins, Vice President Practice Development, Duffy Group Inc.

Eden Higgins takes a holistic approach to executive search and executive recruitment, leveraging her 10+ years of experience leading human resources for startups and large corporations. She possesses profound knowledge and hands-on experience in various disciplines, such as recruiting, compensation and benefits, employee relations and strategic planning.

Eden has also worked across diverse industries, ranging from hospitality and retail to software and financial services. Additionally, she is well-versed in technology, having been part of executive teams during the bubble, overcoming challenges like the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Eden is especially adept at working in emerging industries, such as renewable energy, where she partners with clients to build a pipeline of top talent for today and tomorrow.

One of Eden’s greatest strengths is her ability to grasp the nuances and driving factors of a business. Her HR experience has taught her that the best way to build a thriving organization is to hire great talent. Her track record speaks for itself: since joining Duffy Group in 2000, she has earned a reputation for quality in every search she has managed.

Eden earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Arizona State University and completed the ASU Leadership Institute in 2019. In 2020, she joined the ASU Alumni Board. Eden also serves as an ambassador for The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing earlier diagnostics and smarter treatments.

When not orchestrating successful executive searches, Eden chases her passions as a cross country and track coach at Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix. Under her leadership, the school consistently ranks as one of Arizona’s top women’s teams. As Vice President Practice Development, you can trust Eden will always go the extra mile for you.


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