Xcellerant Ventures Ends First Year with 10th Investment, Leading CRISPR QC’s $10 Million Series A Round

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Xcellerant Ventures is proud to announce its investment in CRISPR QC, the San Diego-based biotechnology company that has developed the world’s first platform to precisely analyze the quality of the CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing system. By providing a way to standardize measurements for efficiency and accuracy, CRISPR QC enables pharmaceutical and agriculture companies to quickly screen for the best therapeutics to develop into next generation personalized medicines.

Chris Yoo, Ph.D., GP of Xcellerant Ventures, says “With CRISPR-based gene editing, we are at the beginning of a truly precise way to treat and cure thousands of genetically-driven diseases. We strongly believe CRISPR QC will be one of the required technologies for any company that wants to be in the business of developing personalized medicines.”

Xcellerant Ventures will lead the Series A investment in CRISPR QC and help the company with strategic decisions as a board member. As part of the investment, CRISPR QC has opened an office in Scottsdale to leverage the growing expertise and talent in the semiconductor and medical device industries in Arizona. Xcellerant Ventures is a leader in investing in startups that can combine technological advances across industries into solutions that make healthcare more precise, more affordable, and more accessible.

Ross Bundy, CEO of CRISPR QC says, “We have spoken with several venture funds who have strong interest in our technology, but we were looking for the ideal partner who could help us the most with our commercialization plans. It was instantly clear to us that Xcellerant Ventures was the investor and partner we have been searching for, and we are excited and honored to have Xcellerant lead our Series A.”

About Xcellerant Ventures:

Phoenix-based Xcellerant Ventures is a cutting-edge venture capital firm investing in early and seed stage startups within the HealthTech, MedTech and BioTech sectors. Xcellerant Ventures has a sharp focus on identifying and investing in the latest transformational trends that are driving healthcare innovation.



CRISPR QC stands as a cutting-edge leader in the field of genetic medicine. Their CRISPR Analytics Platform empowers researchers and biotechnology companies around the world with previously inaccessible data around editing activity. With a focus on optimizing CRISPR-Cas function, they provide invaluable insights, accelerating the development of revolutionary therapies and agricultural advancements.


Tiffany Youtchoko- tyoutchoko@xcellerantventures.com

Ross Bundy- info@crisprqc.com

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