Aesthetics Biomedical® Receives FDA Clearance for Vivace® Microneedle RF 2MHz Treatment Setting

The additional FDA clearance provides broad flexibility to choose either 1MHz or 2MHz for treatment

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Aesthetics Biomedical®, a leading aesthetics device and topical skincare product development company is proud to announce that the Vivace® RF Microneedling device is now cleared for use at both the 1MHz and the 2MHz frequency. The additional FDA clearance provides broad flexibility to choose either 1MHz or 2MHz for a patient’s treatment. Aesthetics Biomedical’s latest generation of FDA cleared, radiofrequency microneedling technology, Vivace®, is designed to give patients visibly brighter, more radiant skin. This minimally-invasive treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen and has been shown by physicians, when using the 1MHz frequency, to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, improving skin texture, tightening and toning the face and neck, for an overall glow. Uniquely designed for an incomparable, comfortable patient experience, only Vivace® boasts a precision robotic motor that brings maximum results with minimal discomfort compared to other device in physicians’ offices.

While Aesthetics Biomedical’s “go to” Vivace® 3D Treatment Protocol will remain designed around the use of 1MHz to deliver the best and most consistent results, we are pleased to be able to offer the 2MHz as a treatment option. Multiple studies indicate that using the 1MHz, with the insulated microneedle, will deliver the results that both the patient and physician are looking for, in the elimination of fine lines and percutaneous wrinkles, with little pain and downtime. Additionally, the versatility that Vivace® accompanied by Aesthetics Biomedical’s specialized training program, ensures the proper combination of radiofrequency level, power setting and on-time needle penetration, to deliver a personalized treatment with the expected results.

Aesthetics Biomedical’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MaryAnn Guerra stated, “ABM will make available to all practices that utilize the Vivace® device with only 1MHz the opportunity to add the 2MHz setting, if desired. Our goal is to provide a best-in-class device with multiple features to address consumer needs.”

Vivace® Microneedle RF, which has quickly become a favorite among consumers and celebrities, has accumulated several titles from the 2021 NewBeauty Beauty Authority Awards, Best Microneedling Treatment – Cult Classic. Continuing with the industry voted recognition – Vivace® also earned the My Face My Body Award in 2020. An ultimate endorsement of the leading radiofrequency microneedling treatment came from RealSelf’s 2020 “Most Worth It” Awards, where Vivace® was the only microneedling treatment to be voted onto the prestigious list by actual patients benefiting from the treatment. Vivace® RF continue to be the leader in RF microneedling.

Aesthetics Biomedical® Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., is committed to the development and distribution of novel aesthetic devices, products, and services in the global market. Aesthetics Biomedical’s innovation center is a leader in breakthrough technologies and combination therapies for its clients, physician network and the aesthetic arena, creating novel patient treatment experiences that benefit from ongoing research, approved clinical indications for use, as well as a personalized approach designed for consumer benefit.

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