bioSyntagma Launches First Multi-Omic Spatial Platform for Clinical Applications

PHOENIX, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — bioSyntagma®, Inc unveiled the world’s first high-plex multi-omic spatial workflow designed for clinical samples and diagnostic applications.  Compatible with FFPE and large resections up to an inch in size, the Molecular Fingerprint™ (mPrint) technology has been demonstrated to map tumor microenvironments with custom PCR panels, targeted and total sequencing, and spatial imaging at resolutions ranging from single-cell to complex regions of interest.  bioSyntagma’s solution is the first to provide a pathway to diagnostic applications with its proprietary spatial-diagnostic machine learning engine that classifies tissues based on tumor microenvironment. 

To date, bioSyntagma has completed initial rounds of service projects with biopharma and academic research groups across oncology and immune disorder applications.  The company is expanding these projects by establishing an mPrint Early Access Program (MAP) that will launch later this year.  

“Our innovative approach enables existing molecular workflows to become spatial,” said David W. Richardson, CEO of bioSyntagma. “An existing clinical PCR workflow can now map a tumor.  An established sequencing pipeline can now interrogate microenvironments, and even process RNA and DNA simultaneously. The applications are vast.”  

Building off of its previous work in TNBC, bioSyntagma is developing workflows for measuring methylation and epigenetic signatures simultaneously with gene expression in FFPE tissues.  In a poster presented at AACR in collaboration with Caris Life Sciences, the company identified unique microenvironment signatures in TNBC incongruent with PD/L1 expression. 

“We are excited to continue this work with collaborators in our MAP program and to use these new multi-modal methods to characterize immune response in clinical samples,” said Dmitry Derkach, Principal Scientist at bioSyntagma.      

Spatial omics is an emerging area of research that has garnered immense excitement in academia, translational, and clinical arenas. One of the challenges in this space has been sensitivity with low abundance targets, compatibility with FFPE, and interpretation of complex data.  bioSyntagma solves these challenges by providing workflows that capture more material, generate multi-modal data, and integrate with proprietary machine learning algorithms for characterizing tissue states.

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About bioSyntagma
bioSyntagma, Inc provides multi-omic, clinically relevant workflows for the spatial market through its Molecular Fingerprint (mPrint) platform.  bioSyntagma’s combination of genomics expertise and world-class microfluidics and engineering capabilities enable the mPrint to analyze an unmatched variety of tissue types, resolutions, and analytes.  We are dedicated to enabling researchers to translate spatial molecular information to clinically-relevant, actionable insights.  For more information, please visit

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