Arizona’s Biotech Community Connects with the World at #JPM18

Arizona’s biotech community will be telling its story at the largest annual convergence of life science innovators and investors during JPM18.

The following is just a small example of how AZBio  members will be making an impact at JPM18.

  • Alliant Insurance (Phoenix, AZ) supported AZBio as a sponsor of the JPM18 Kick-Off Reception at the Marker Hotel on Sunday evening.
  • AMAG Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and delivering important therapeutics, conducting clinical research in areas of unmet need and creating education and support programs for the patients and families we serve. Our currently marketed products support the health of patients in the areas of maternal and women’s health, anemia management and cancer supportive care. Through CBR®, we also help families to preserve newborn stem cells, which are used today in transplant medicine for certain cancers and blood, immune and metabolic disorders, and have the potential to play a valuable role in the ongoing development of regenerative medicine. AMAG will present at Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 10:00 a.m. Click here for webcast
  • Aqualung Therapeutics, Corp (Tucson, AZ) Aqualung Therapeutics (ALT) is developing multi-pronged strategies to address the development of severe lung inflammation which is essential to the severity and outcomes of acute and chronic lung disorders such as acute lung injury, ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and pulmonary hypertension. Aqualung Therapeutics will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • Arizona Tech Investors (Phoenix, AZ) is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase
  • Avery Therapeutics, Inc. (Tucson, AZ) is a startup company dedicated to advancing tissue-engineered technologies for life science and therapeutics applications. Avery’s platform tissue engineering technology has applications in a variety of diseases and injuries. Avery’s lead product, MyCardia™, is a tissue-engineered heart graft in the pre-clinical development phase.  Avery will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • Axolotl Biologix, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) specializes in optimizing regenerative medicine through through research, science and technology to improve the quality of life in orthopedic, sport injuries, wound care, cardiovascular, ophthalmic, diabetes, ALS, dementia, and other areas. Axolotl Biologix will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • AZBio (Chandler, AZ) in partnership with BIOCOM, BioNJ, MICHBio, Montana Bioscience Alliance, NewYorkBIO, and South Dakota Bio, hosted the JPM#18 Kick-Off Reception at the Marker Hotel on Sunday evening filling the ballroom with life science innovators and life science investors from around the world. The progress being made by Arizona’s Bioscience community was also presented on Saturday at the hosted by the Stetson Family Office. (See below) AZBio is is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase to help connect AZBio Member companies with investors and to recruit investors to join us at the White Hat Life Science Investor Conference Oct 3-4, 208 at the Phoenix Convention Center. 
  • BioAccel (Phoenix, AZ) is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase
  • Desert Angels (Tucson, AZ) is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase               
  • INanoBio Inc (Tempe, AZ) is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase
  • INSYS Therapeutics (Chandler, AZ) is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative drugs and novel drug delivery systems of therapeutic molecules that improve patients’ quality of life. Saeed Motahari, president and chief executive officer, and Andrew Long, chief financial officer, will present at the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The presentation will be webcast live, and archived for 30 days thereafter, via the Investors section of company’s website at, under Presentations & Events. The presentation slides will be available during the conference, accessible at the same webpage.
  • HTG Molecular Diagnostics (Tucson, AZ) works to empower precision medicine at the local level. The company’s HTG EdgeSeq technology, which automates highly multiplexed molecular profiling of small samples for next-generation sequencing, received its first US patent in 2014. Continuous improvements led to the 2017 launch of HTG’s new direct-target sequencing chemistry for DNA analysis offered in the company’s VERI/O services laboratory. Additional information is available at HTG’s senior management team will host institutional investor and partnering meetings at the LifeSci Advisors Corporate Access Event taking place in San Francisco, January 8-10, 2018. To schedule a meeting with HTG Molecular, investors can register on the online system managed by the Company’s US investor relations firm, LifeSci Advisors, LLC, or make a request via e-mail at
  • ICAGEN (Tucson, AZ) is an integrated early discovery partner, offering clients specialized technologies and deep scientific expertise to solve myriad challenges and optimize efficiency moving from target to lead. We work in multi-year, integrated programs, as well as individual projects to fill gaps in R&D efforts. Icagen is attending the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
  • Journey Medical Corporation (Scottsdale, AZ) is attending Biotech Showcase
  • Knobbe Martens, one of America’s largest Intellectual Property and technology law firms, and long term partner of Arizona life science innovators, will host its annual JPM reception on Tuesday evening.
  • Life365 (Tempe, AZ) is a Digital Health Platform that helps Health Systems transition care away from the expensive clinical environment to the home. Life365 provides tools to connect care providers to their patients, to enable proactive health monitoring that can lead to earlier interventions and prevention of more costly care utilization. Life365 will be presenting at Biotech Showcase on Wednesday at 11:00 AM.       
  • Medtronic (Tempe, AZ) co-hosted the second annual China Medtech Forum on Sunday afternoon to present China market opportunities and how to make an entry to China. Business leaders, thought leaders, investors and industrial experts shared their perspectives and engage a dialog centered on the theme of “global technology, China innovation, unlock value”.
  • MSDx, (Tucson, AZ) is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase
  • NeoLight (Scottsdale, AZ) is a med-tech startup developing empathy-driven technology for the newborn care market. They have started with Jaundice, a condition that occurs in 6 out of 10 infants all over the world. NeoLight will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • NuvOx Pharma (Tucson, AZ) is developing a revolutionary nanotechnology for oxygen delivery. Drugs from NuvOx’s platform pick up oxygen in the lungs and deliver it to hypoxic tissue in order to treat life-threatening indications including oncology (hypoxic solid tumors, Phase II ready in GBM), acute ischemic stroke (Phase Ib/II in progress), and sickle cell crisis (Phase Ib ready). NuvOx will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • RCT – Research Corporation Technologies (Tucson, AZ) is hosting its Annual JPM Reception on Tuesday evening.
  • Reglagene (Tucson, AZ) will be meeting with investors at
  • Scienion US Inc (Tempe, AZ) is attending Biotech Showcase
  • SDC (Tempe, AZ) is attending Biotech Showcase
  • SMART Brain Aging, Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) is a healthcare technology company delivering research supported programs, in-person and virtually, that reduce cognitive decline in aging brains. Smart Brain Aging will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • Sonoran Biosciences, Inc (Chandler, AZ) has developed SB Gel, a proprietary temperature responsive sustained release carrier. Drug formulations based on SB Gel have potential in therapeutic areas including surgical site infection and pain management. Sonoran Bioscience is presenting at Biotech Showcase
  • Stetson Family Office (New York, NY) hosted the 1st annual Global Bio Forum. Moderated by Tom Skalak of the Allen Institute, the Global Bio Forum focused on innovative solutions for addressing the need for early-stage funding and was attended by leaders of life science clusters across north America as well as international representatives from Australia, China, Dubai, Singapore and Switzerland.  Chuck Stetson, head of the Stetson Family office will also speak at a RESI panel focused on working with Family Offices on Tuesday.
  • Susavion Biosciences, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) is attending Biotech Showcase
  • Valley Fever Solutions (Tucson, AZ) is ready to run a key Phase 2a NIH pilot trial which should set up a pivotal trial. We are about to commit to 10 kg scale API. We have the best clinical expert in the disease space, which should give us an efficient trial. We anticipate proof of concept (POC) efficacy within 18 months of funding. Nikkomycin Z (“Nik Z”) is first of a new class of antifungals, fungicidal for Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis, “cocci”, VF),an orphan disease with critical unmet medical need. Valley Fever Solutions will be presenting at Biotech Showcase.
  • White Hat Health Ventures (Phoenix & New York) is attending RESI and Biotech Showcase.
  • WuXI App Tech (Boston, MA) is attending Biotech Showcase and is a presenting sponsor.
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