Avery Therapeutics Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer named a Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors

Jordan Lancaster is an assistant research scientist with the Sarver Heart Center and founder of Avery Therapeutics, which aims to advance tissue-engineered therapeutics to treat heart disease and muscle injuries. He holds three U.S. patents. Lancaster’s technologies include MyCardia, which is designed to make new blood vessels and “re-muscularize” the heart, making it perform better.

Jordan Lancaster, Ph.D.  – Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Avery Therapeutics

Jordan Lancaster, Ph.D.
Co-founder and CEO
Avery Therapeutics


Dr. Lancaster’s research over the past decade has focused on cell-based regenerative medicine technologies for treating cardiovascular disease. His interests include engineered tissues using biomaterials and induced pluripotent stem cell derived cells.

His two issued patents and several pending patents have been exclusively licensed to Avery.

He holds a doctorate in Physiology from the University of Arizona and a certificate of Entrepreneurship from the Eller College.

Avery Therapeutics, Inc.  is a startup company dedicated to advancing tissue-engineered therapeutics to treat diseases and injuries to human muscle. Avery’s lead product, MyCardia™, is a tissue-engineered heart graft developed to treat heart failure and is currently in the pre-clinical development phase. MyCardia™ is positioned to be the world’s first off-the-shelf allogeneic tissue-engineered product for treating heart failure.



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