AZ Core Labs helps companies stretch precious resources

Rent-a-tech: AZ Core Labs offers equipment, expertise

As seen in the Arzona Daily Sun:  JOE FERGUSON Sun Staff  Reporter  |                                        Posted: Sunday, November 6, 2011

Having a million-dollar idea and generous investors aren’t always enough for  start-ups working in cutting-edge technology fields.

The long road from a back-of-the-napkin sketch to a production-ready  prototype is littered with expensive decisions that often require even the most  well-funded companies to choose between various pieces of hardware that they may  only use once and only for a few months.

AZ Core Labs, a division of the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship  and Technology, has been created to give businesses another option: Rent the  technology as well as the technicians.

The head of NACET, Russ Yelton, said failing to get even temporary access to  key technology is a stumbling block for many fledgling companies.

“It is important for companies to have access to higher-end equipment that  they may not be able to afford. A lot of our start-up companies can’t afford to  pay $60,000 for a microscope,” he said.

Most scientists, he said, have to either collaborate with others scientists  who have access to the right equipment or pay to have their samples analyzed by  out-of-state labs.

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