AZBio Career Center Launches Expanded Career Planning Portal

The Career Planning Portal by YM Careers®, a component of the AZBio Career Center  that allows AZBio Members to create an account and access tools for researching, planning and developing their careers for years to come!

The image below provides an example of tools within the AZBio Career Center:

Click the image to access this example page

The Career Planning Portal can include three key elements:

Career Insights – Provides professionals with detailed data, trends, and forecasts about a specific occupation, including:

  • Growth outlooks for various jobs – including government estimates for future job creation by role and location
  • Compensation ranges by region or nationally, and on a salaried or hourly basis
  • Sample “day in the life” videos with practical examples of what it’s like to perform specific roles
  • Summaries of typical activities performed by role
  • Knowledge, skills, and education levels typically required for each job
  • Recommended open jobs based on the professional’s interests

Career Advice – Provides career planning resources and coaching (which can be gated or ungated), including:

  • Industry-specific articles, tips, and recommended best practices
  • Expert resume reviews
  • Access to experienced, professional career coaches

Career Pathing – Previously called Career Journey™, Career Pathing allows professionals to envision the potential career paths in their field and includes related titles within a specific field, job descriptions, relevant skills, and recommended/required courses and certifications related to the career search

Additional enhancements to Career Advice and Career Pathing are planned for 2021.


To take full advantage of these tools, login to your current career center account OR set your up today.  It’s free!

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