Student Discovery Zone

Join us April 29, 2015 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown as we focus on clinical trials and what it takes to bring life changing innovations to patients. Learn the latest updates from Arizona Bioscience Companies with products in the clinical trials process and the Life Science Leaders who support them.

The Student Discovery Zone at the AZBio Expo is the place where students can connect with Arizona’s growing bioscience community to engage, collaborate and move your bioscience business… Forward Faster.

The Student Discovery Zone is a Poster Gallery the showcases the latest advancements in bioscience research from Arizona’s High Schools, Community Colleges, Research Universities, and Medical Schools.

Posters are displayed in the gallery during the AZBio Expo:


Submission deadline is  April 1st. 




Northern Arizona UniversityThe Student Discovery Zone

is sponsored by Northern Arizona University and is open to all full time students and recent graduates from Arizona’s High Schools, Community Colleges, Research Universities and Medical Schools.  The Student Discovery Zone is a great opportunity for students from the region to demonstrate their skills and to receive feedback from bioscience industry members.


Student Poster Submissions are due no later than April 1, 2015 to qualify for your complimentary AZBio Expo ticket. (A complimentary ticket will also be provided for chaperones or advisors accompanying high school student presenters.)

Please email your abstract and poster in PDF to for evaluation.  Judges will evaluate submissions based on presentation, scientific merit and potential for real-world application.

Click here to submit a poster



Each student displaying their poster will receive:

  1. Their ticket to the AZBio Expo
  2. Opportunity to make industry connections on the expo floor and during the general session presentations by industry leaders..