AZBio Leaders Present at the Arizona Capital

Communicating with our legislative leaders is key to building relationships and sharing the information that helps them blaze a trail  for us as we continue to build Arizona’s innovation and bioscience sectors.

Watch what Arizona’s Bioscience Leaders shared with our Arizona Legislative Leaders.

to view the video click the image or the link.


Joan Koerber- Walker shares where we are and where we need to go with Members of the Senate Commerce, Energy and Military Committee Chaired by Senator Al Melvin on February 27, 2013. (presentation begins at the 24 minute mark.) This presentation includes the Q&A on Arizona’s Biosimilars Bill – SB1438.


Click the image or the link to watch the video

Eric Reiman shares an update on  the critical research being done here in Arizona by the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium to address the looming global Alzheimer’s Crisis with the House Health Committee Chaired by Representative Heather Carter.


Shultz House 2013

Marty Shultz, Chair of the Arizona Bioscience Roadmap Steering Committee provides and update to the House Health Committee Chaired by Representative Heather Carter.


Joan Koerber-Walker presents to the House Higher Ed and Workforce Committee


Joan Koerber-Walker shares the critical role that our educational system plays in the growth of our Arizona Bioindustry at the request of Representative Jeff Dial Vice Chair of the House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce. (presentation begins at the 40 minute mark.)

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