AZBio Members Recognized as AZBusiness Leaders

Members of Arizona’s Bioscience and Healthcare Communities were selected and recognized for their outstanding leadership in the 2015 edition of AzBusiness Leaders.


The drivers of Arizona’s economy who are profiled inside the pages of this magazine have counseled presidents. They have survived plane crashes and kidnappings. They play on rock ’n’ roll bands. They reflect a wide spectrum of ethnicities, age and gender. But they share one thing in common: they are catalysts for Arizona’s economy. They are leaders. They are innovators. They have influence. And when they speak, they make things happen. And together, they are guiding Arizona toward greatness. —- Michael Gossie, Managing Editor, AZ Big Media

Within the pages of this year’s AzBusiness Leaders, you will find great leadership tips and fun facts about the leaders who are shaping our community and our industry.

Find out…

  • which world renowned researcher started his college  career on a rodeo scholarship
  • which hospital CEO is an avid “Soccer Mom” and has never missed a game
  • which surgeon was one of the first people to every receive penicillin
  • which healthcare leader wanted to grow up to be an astronaut
  • which internationally known physician-scientist shared that his first job was picking strawberries and lettuce at age 11
  • which cancer researcher is a big Howard Stern fan. Yes really!

Click here learn more about them and how they are making LIFE better for people in Arizona and around the world.

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AzBusiness Leaders is a term used to describe an industry insider, someone who is familiar with other individuals and groups and is able to exert influence or make decisions. AZ Business Leaders is a major annual business-to-business publication that combines the who’s who of Arizona business community with their valuable leadership advice and knowledge.


Congratulations to our AZBio Members who are 2015 AzBusiness Leaders:

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