AZBio Launches Summer Outreach Program

assumptions cropped

AZBio is committed to building a top-tier life science industry in Arizona.  Each July, the AZBio Board of Directors comes together to evaluate where we are; where we are going; and how we will get there.  This strategic process has led to key changes over the years including:

  • a focus on working with our elected leaders here in Arizona and in Washington, DC on the key issues that affect our industry
  • branding and communication tools that connect our community and put Arizona ‘s Bioscience Industry and the work of AZBio Member Companies in the spotlight
  • building alliances with patient advocacy groups, leading life science organizations at the national level, and local and national media
  •  creating opportunities for AZBio Member Companies to connect with capital sources at national and regional conference and at the White Hat Life Science Investors Conference right here in Arizona.
  • expanding AZBio Purchasing Power programs so that Members can save precious resources and access the products and services they need at lower prices.  It’s working. In 2104, AZBio member saved over $1.3 million!
  • launching D3Bio to support broader initiatives across the spectrum from discovery to development to delivery.

We’re scrubbing off our assumptions. 

This summer AZBio will be reaching out  to  members of Arizona’s life science, healthcare, and business community  to assess where it can add the greatest value to the state’s growing bioscience industry.

We’ll be reaching out to AZBio Members and non-members too so that we  get a clear view from both sides of the window.

These online and telephone survey’s will form a foundation for the strategic decisions and key actions that will shape AZBio’s future direction in 2016 and beyond.

We look forward to connecting with you and getting your valuable input.




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