Becoming Part of the Process

The 2020 Arizona Legislative Session is in full swing.  Take a look at what it can mean to you.

Over 1500 bills have been introduced during Arizona’s 54th Legislature – Second Regular Session.  Spanning a wide range of topics that shape our daily lives, our elected leaders are bringing forward new ideas, refining current law and determining how our state will invest its resources today and in the future.

Since 1977, “Arizona Bill” has been helping students of all ages understand the process of how a bill becomes a law in Arizona.  But there is more to the process…YOU.

Our Arizona legislators are elected by you, and they want to know what you think about the bills that matter to you. That is why Arizona’s Request to Speak Program gives people the opportunity to share their support or opposition as bills move through the process. 

This, combined with information shared by their constituents in person, by email, by phone, and via letters, helps our elected leaders consider and decided on which bills they will vote for or against in committees and ultimately on the floor of the House or Senate Chamber when they are called to vote. Letting your Representative or Senator know how you feel on a key issue can make a real difference.  The Legislature hosts a page to make finding and contacting your legislators easy.  To find yours, click here.

What we are watching

As the voice of Arizona’s Bioindustry, AZBio reviews all bills that are introduced and evaluates them based on AZBio Public Policy Guide. We then add the bills to our AZBio Legislative Watch List so that our members can see what is happening during session.  Bills are listed by chamber in alphanumeric order with the bill name/descriptor.

Become part of the process

Here are just a few ways that you can be part of process of shaping our state:

  1. Use the Request to Speak Program to let our elected leaders know what YOU think.  AZBio’s government affairs team can help you get started.  Once you are registered to use the system, you can easily weigh in on issues from your computer.   For help on getting started, contact AZBio.
  2. Find your legislators and reach out to them on bills or issues that are important to you. 
  3. Join the AZBio Government Affairs Committee via con call on the second Thursday of each month for updates and discussion about what is happening at the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C. too.  All employees of AZBio Member Companies are welcome to join.  To see if your company is an AZBio Member, click here.   If you are ready to join the AZBio Government Affairs Committee, contact AZBio for an invitation.
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