Biocentury This Week: Computing for Cures

From Cold War computing on the West Coast to genome sequencing in Manhattan and FDA data mining in Washington, how advances in computer hardware and software promise to transform how drugs are discovered and developed.

The newest edition of BioCentury This Week television is joined by:

Dr.   Fred Streitz,   Director of the Institute for Scientific Computing Research at Lawrence   Livermore National Laboratory, who explains how high-performance computing is   being used to precisely simulate 370 million cells in the human heart.

Dr.   Eric Perakslis,   Chief Information Officer at FDA, on the agency’s progress in harnessing   mountains of clinical trial data.

Nancy   Kelley,   Executive Director and COO of the New York Genome Center, who describes the Big Apple’s ambitious efforts to merge medicine and information technology.

BioCentury 01.13.13 - [1] Extreme Levels
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