BioCentury this week looks at Medicare- 150 Ideas: Will Any of Them Work?

The nation is heading toward budget sequestration. For Medicare, this means a 2 percent spending cut.

But that’s just a down payment. Any serious attempt to tackle the U.S. deficit must curb the increase in Medicare and Medicaid spending.

Now, the Kaiser Family Foundation has issued a report listing 150 ideas to tackle the problem. The problem: Almost all of them would hurt someone — either by directly limiting access to healthcare, or reducing payments to hospitals, physicians or drug companies
BioCentury 02.03.13 - [1] 150 Ways

150 Ideas: Will Any of Them Work?

The newest edition of BioCentury This Week television examines ways to trim Medicare spending — and who would feel the pain. Featuring:

Dan   Mendelson,   CEO of Avalere Health and former Associate Director of Health in the Office   of Management and Budget in the Clinton Administration.
Dr.   Earl Steinberg,   EVP at Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, widely considered a model of   efficient healthcare delivery.
Dr.   Gail Wilensky,   Senior Fellow at Project Hope and former head of Medicare during the George   H.W. Bush Administration.


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