BioCentury This Week: On The Brink of Disunioun

When President Obama delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday, he’ll be speaking to a polarized Congress where brinksmanship is the order of the day.  If lawmakers don’t act by March 1, budget sequestration will slash funding for biomedical research and oversight of the nation’s food and drug products.

The government will shut down unless Congress passes an appropriations bill by March 27. And there are April 15 and May 19 deadlines for passing a budget and extending the debt ceiling.

Can NIH and FDA endure budget brinksmanship? The newest edition of BioCentury This Week television hears from one of the most conservative Republicans in Congress and one of the most liberal Democrats.

Rep.   Jack Kingston   (R-Ga.) chairs the House Appropriations subcommittee that sets the budget for   HHS, including NIH and the CDC.

Rep.   Jim McDermott   (D-Wash.) is the ranking member of the subcommittee on health of the   tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.


BioCentury 02.10.13 - [1] After the Fall

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BioCentury 02.10.13 – [1] After the Fall
BioCentury 02.10.13 - [1] After the Fall
 Will science be sequestered? Washington Editor Steve Usdin talks one-on-one with Republican Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) and Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Washington). With possible mandatory cuts in Washington, both see the different outcomes.


BioCentury 02.10.13 – [2] Red Eyes
BioCentury 02.10.13 - [2] Red Eyes
 Acknowledging the difficulty of repealing Obamacare, Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston touches various sequestration topics. Including end of life care and how the White House does not reach out to GOP leaders to build better bridges.
BioCentury 02.10.13 – [3] Blue Eyes
BioCentury 02.10.13 - [3] Blue Eyes
  Washington state Democrat Jim McDermott talks about ” fine tuning the house of health” in America with the Affordable Care Act. He goes on to say the American people “demand it and should not be denied it”.


BioCentury 02.10.13 – [4] The Regular Order
BioCentury 02.10.13 - [4] The Regular Order
 Washington Democrat Jim McDermott says that Republicans must “return to the regular order” of governing, and not side step the process. He also touches on various aspects of the Affordable Care Act.


BioCentury 02.10.13 – [5] Web Exclusive
BioCentury 02.10.13 - [5] Web Exclusive
  Washington Editor Steve Usdin continues his one-on-one interview with Democratic Representative Jim McDermott.


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